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August 27, 2021 – 2:49 pm clock

Kylie Jenner is said to be pregnant again by Travis Scott

Although the celebrity couple has not yet officially confirmed the pregnancy news, most of them firmly believe that reality TV star Kylie Jenner (24) will be a mom for the second time. The US portal “TMZ” had divulged the sweet news a few days ago. Now another insider has already learned from “The Sun” that dad Travis Scott (30) wants a son with his second child.

Baby # 2 is said to get its name from Papa Travis Scott

And that’s not all! Travis, whose real name is Jacques Webster, wants to pass his name on to his little son – just as his father did with him. “He wants a boy who is to be named after him and his father Jacques,” reveals the insider. However, it is not yet clear what gender baby number 2 is. By the way, Mama Kylie shouldn’t care whether it’s a girl or a boy. The 24-year-old is said to have tried to get pregnant again for almost a year.

For a long time it was not even clear what the relationship between Kylie and Travis was. After the birth of their daughter Stormi, they had been separated for a while, after which the rumor mill was constantly seething about whether they were a couple again or not. In May 2021, TMZ announced that Kylie and Travis were back together. However, you should have an open relationship. In any case, it won’t get boring here! (lsc)

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