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Marvel almost kicked Thor 4 star Chris Hemsworth out – the reason is just plain stupid

Chris Hemsworth wiggles his hips a little, adjusts the very high waistband, the first sounds of classy samba music sound, and his dance partner appears. The Australian kneels with a swing and lets himself be danced.

The year is 2006 and Chris Hemsworth is a nationally known series star Dancing With the Stars Australia with. Nobody speaks of a Hollywood career that would lead him to his fourth solo appearance in Thor 4: Love and Thunder.

Thor 4 star Chris Hemsworth almost screwed up the Marvel role

There is still a connection between the dance performance and the Marvel future. About four years after Hemsworth’s appearance, the pictures fall into the hands of Kevin Feige. The MCU boss then actually considered withdrawing the role from his Thor favorite.

This story, known since 2017, recently warmed Derek Hough to

Pop culture still up. Hough was part of the show Dancing With the Stars for nine years as a professional dancer and apparently knows more than us.

Chris Hemsworth almost lost his role as Thor because he was on Dancing With the Stars in Australia. […] They wanted to cast him and I think people called and said, ‘Did you see him dancing the samba?‘That can’t be our fool.

Marvel Studios Celebrates The Movies – Trailer (English) HD


Where Hough got this detailed knowledge from is not entirely clear in the article, but it largely coincides with that of Hemsworth himself in 2017 BBC told anecdote. “Kevin Feige said it almost cost me my job.” Feige had described the following scene in the Marvel Studios apartments:

We all saw your audition. We passed it around the office and everyone was, you know, blown away. And then some young women started Googling your name and it came up with this dance video and I was like, ‘Oh, no. Thor is dancing! The fans will eat us alive ‘.

But what exactly does Marvel have against dancing men?

With all due respect, Kevin Feige underestimates Marvel fans a little. What exactly should “we” have against a Thor actor who is gifted for dancing?

This is not a recording of a somewhat wild wedding from the 80s, but this one spectacular samba performancethat the Marvel people also saw during the casting process:

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So really, how can a film studio consider disqualifying its most promising candidate for a – pretty good – dance video? Why should a Marvel actor or future Thor actor not be allowed to dance? Would it have been okay with an actress? What if, for example, Scarlett Johansson had taken part in Dancing on Ice?

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And anyway: unthinkable how a Hemsworth-less MCU would have turned out. The Thor actor is a lucky find for the universe, a 6 in the lottery, he embodies the MCU-DNA of comedy and action like hardly anyone else. His devotion to the figure is unique. It is no coincidence that he is the first actor who comes up with 4 solo films.

It turned out differently anyway and Chris Hemsworth couldn’t spoil his casting impression too much with the dance performance. What’s more, he says he benefited from his experience on the floor. “You might see some Dancing With the Stars quality in Thor.”

Thor 4 starts in theaters on May 5, 2022.

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