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Let Tom Hanks play a bastard

DEAUVILLE, FRANCE - SEPTEMBER 4: Actor Tom Hanks attends the
Tom Hanks as the villain? Unthinkable in his career. But maybe he can be persuaded. It’s worth a try.

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The iconic generation of actors is getting on in years: Tom Hanks is turning 65 today. The eternal “good guy” should steer his career in new directions. It’s just a suggestion.

All right, imagine the following scenario: A sandwich seller observes a bank robbery from his booth. He recognizes the voice of the perpetrator because he bought the salami roll from him every day. The perpetrator takes hostages and the police are the only trusted person to recruit this normal person as an intermediary.

You just introduced yourself to Tom Hanks based on the title of this column, right? And now be honest: You don’t even want to see another actor in the role.

Tom has played characters like this – this normal guy who mutates into a hero – countless times. He can do it.

“Sully”? Good. “Captain Phillips”? Good. “Forrest Gump”? Good. “Philadelphia”? Good. “The soldier James Ryan”? Good. “Terminal”? Good.

Hanks plays a hell of a convincing hero. Or at least flawless characters. Brave, humble, compassionate – the prototype of a person.

But that’s it. In acting, something like that is called one-dimensional. A type cast, Tommy is the hero type and is therefore plastered with such roles.

Same good lyre

For God’s sake don’t get me wrong. I like Tom Hanks. Just the name Tom Hanks gives me a comfortably warm feeling. I watch his films, even if just looking at the poster I already know what kind of character he will represent.

The boring guarantee.

With that in mind, it is a mystery to me why Hanks is so popular. Because the hero is always at the center of a story? Because he hasn’t had a single scandal? Because he is said to be very sociable?


Still, the thought of seeing Tom Hanks in a completely different role. Not “Cast Away” – different or “Cloud Atlas” – different. Right different. Let him play a James Bond villain, stylized as they are. Or Hitler. Let the man play bin Laden!

I want to see Hanks as a real bastard.

But he probably wants to maintain the clean image in real life as well as on the screen. That’s why he likes to sign the next hero role so much Thanks, T. Hanks.

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