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Dwayne Johnson has good reasons to forego adult scenes

Dwayne Johnson inhales weights and exhales success. The action star seems to have discovered something like the secret recipe for ex-wrestlers in Hollywood: With a furious mix of action and comedy roles, he has long been among the best-paid actors on the planet. Indeed one element is almost completely absent from his filmography, which is usually part of a successful Hollywood career like starvation diets to Christian Bale: He almost never plays romantic roles.

Dwayne Johnson’s action career has been without sex

While many of his male colleagues at the top of their salaries – such as Ryan Reynolds or Ben Affleck – can be counted as downright smooch veterans, Johnson is still a completely blank slate as a romantic lead actor. Although his characters often have romantic references, such as being married, they are almost never driven by romantic ambitions. They don’t fall in love, don’t flirt, don’t write heartbreaking messages. Not to mention sex scenes.

Instead, there are roughly two ways that romance is used in The Rocks filmography: On the one hand, it is a gag supplier. When, for example, battle giant Luke Hobbs picks up an unexpected This-Day-Could-Our-Last-Smack in Fast & Furious: Hobbs & Shaw or the inexperience of Dwayne Johnson’s character in Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle to One absolutely hair-raising kissing scene leads, it’s not about flaming passion, but about the humor behind the human quirks.

Check out the scene from Jumanji 2 here:

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On the other hand, romance plays a role in Johnson’s star role as the father of the family: In San Andreas or Skyscraper, for example, the broken family unit wants to be restored through action. It’s not about (romantic) love here either, the libido in its familiar template only offers an impulse to act and a somewhat dusty message for the viewer. That the family ties can defeat any opponent, regardless of whether it is threatening divorce, international terrorism or Californian plate tectonics.

If a bit of a crackling adventure creeps into Johnson’s filmography, it is accordingly family-friendly and good: The love affair between Frank Wolff (Johnson) and Lily Houghton (Emily Blunt) in Jungle Cruise seems, if not uncomfortable, at least formulaic and without flaming sparks, as if two people were forced to fall in love in a river boat on the Amazon.

Why does Dwayne Johnson prefer to shoot brute action rather than sex scenes?

With so much stoic restraint, the question arises as to why Johnson doesn’t make out more often in his films or end up in bed with someone. Is it a Hollywood conspiracy? Forces a mighty ring on studio bosses the number 1 muscle mountain to ascetic abstinence, because they do not consider it talented enough as a romantic lead?

Delighted with some crackling romance in Jungle Cruise: Dwayne Johnson

It’s unlikely: Johnson is the puppeteer behind his own career. His iron will lets him get up at 4 a.m. and train, his desire for creative control and the greatest possible profit culminates in the producer role for many of his films. He earns a lot of money with contracts for fitness accessories, energy drinks and tequila. That doesn’t sound like he can simply dictate an entire role profile. No, Johnson doesn’t play romantic roles because he doesn’t want to.

Too much sex pisses off Dwayne Johnson fans

And there are probably several reasons for this: Romantic roles with their primeval human theme build a quick bridge to the audience, but they also restrict the target group. Johnson’s roles are therefore rarely bloodthirsty despite all the action and the romance there, for example as sexual as Biedermeier furniture. Many of his films are therefore nothing less than the perfect entertainment package for the whole family.

Now, in the name of variety, one could appeal to Johnson’s ambition to add new role models to his career. However, variety has never been The Rocks strategy: He has always relied on comedy and action, the two biggest money machines Hollywood has to offer.

Dwayne Johnsons relies on the tried and tested with comedy and action

Johnson and Carla Gugino as a couple in San Andreas

if Johnson on Instagram speaks of “the hardest worker in the room“to be and to have the entertainment of the fans as the greatest credo, is especially evident, how indifferent to repetitive patterns. As long as a role is proven to be entertaining at the box office, it will play it ten times, no problem.

It seems absurd: A millionaire actor with the body of a superhero is afraid to let his sex appeal off the chain. But appearances are deceptive. Johnson’s body becomes rare staged as a pleasure object, rather as a result of hard work or a sign of strict principles. The Rocks muscles aren’t presented as tender or sexy, but as steely or grotesque, depending on whether it’s action or comedy.

It is questionable that the actor ever changes his preferences when it comes to cinema roles. Fans that Johnson likes to do in relentless romantic action (sex scenes and everything) want to experience, be comforted: The target group ideology applies primarily to the cinema. His TV series Ballers about a football manager torpedoed his clean screen image with a lot of bare insights.

Would you like to see Dwayne Johnson in a real romantic role?

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