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Bhad Bhabie sets new world record on OnlyFans

The rapper has been of legal age for a week and finally started her own account on OnlyFans, which earned her around a million dollars in just six hours.


The beginning
Danielle Marie Bregoli’s mother saw no way out in 2016 and sought help from TV psychologist Dr. Fetching Phil after the 13-year-old became suspicious of her drug use, fights and car theft, had stopped going to school and would only cause unrest. In the end, they both accepted the invitation to his show and what had to come came: her cheeky mouth made Danielle in the end that she became a star overnight. But her ability as a rapper was not in the foreground at the time. Instead, a scene was cut into a meme and shared millions of times on the internet …

Time out and instruction
In the end, the girl used the attention and created her own fanbase, started her rap career under the alter ego Bhad Bhabie and to this day has knocked over 17.3 million fans off the stool via Instagram alone. But she is not really enthusiastic about all the pressure and explained: “For the sake of my mental health I want to take a little break from this app – I hate to admit that you have won. Congratulations, mission completed successfully! You all have managed to get this little 16 year old girl totally out of control. Social media not only made me who I am, it’s the reason I can’t sleep anymore. Imagine you will referred to daily as a racist, white V ****. “

Bhad Bhabie ended up admitting herself to rehab and working on her outbursts of anger, drug addiction and panic attacks.

happy Birthday
On March 26, 2021, the rapper finally celebrated her 18th birthday and is therefore finally of legal age. And what does a young lady do who doesn’t want to be stingy with her charms? That’s right, she created her first own account on the OnlyFans website, where you can sell your own photos and videos, mainly erotic or pornographic content …

And Bhad Bhabie immediately set a new world record with this move: Thanks to her photos, videos and messages, the 18-year-old was not only able to tip over $ 5,500 in just six hours, but also earned over a million dollars … A quarter of that came from solely from their subscribers.


Your subscriptions are increasing
After the first few days on the website, the 18-year-old posted 25 posts and has almost 300,000 subscribers. And those of these pays the American around 23.99 dollars a month for slippery pictures and videos. Thus, Bhad Bhabie earns an incredible $ 7,197,000 (gross) per month with her account alone, should the number of subscriptions be maintained.

What is the “Cash Me Outside, Howbowdah?” Actress up to next ?!

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