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Ariana Grande: “I’m not a fan anymore”: Dispute over TikTok parodies

TikTok has countless fans who imitate or parody their idols in short, homemade videos. Singer Ariana Grande (26) has also inspired numerous imitators here. However, the megastar does not feel flattered by the creative attempts of the fans – and has now let her frustration run free in an Instagram story. Her TikTok fans don’t like that and the most prominent among them, 15-year-old Paige Niemann, has now found clear words.

Ariana Grande is annoyed by her double

Imitating your favorite stars on TikTok has become a huge trend, especially in the US. The better known the star, the more fans and imitators, including of course in the case of Ariana Grande. Her most successful double is the teenage girl Paige Niemann, who could actually pass as Ariana’s twin. Her clips have garnered millions of views – especially one in which Paige mimicked Ariana in her role as Cat Valentine in the 2012 TV series “Victorious”. Ariana herself seems reluctant to be reminded of this career chapter. She commented in March that it was “strange” to see “these worlds mixed up.”

Paige Niemann doesn’t want to be a fan anymore

Since then, there has been a truce – until Ariana followed up in an Instagram story. In it she shared the view of actor and writer Jordan Firstman that this form of meme would “degrade” the achievements and performances of the artists to which they refer. Ariana herself subsequently complained that these girls had no reason to be proud of their contributions “just because they speak in that Cat Valentine voice and wear curly eyeliners and sweatshirts.”

That was clearly aimed at Paige, who of course got wind of this attack. During a TikTok livestream on April 23, she found clear words for Ariana: “I’m used to Ariana criticizing me, what the heck. And that’s why I’m no longer a fan of her. Honestly.” Let’s see who has the last word on this matter.

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