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Adam Sandler wants his own MCU – with all his movie characters · KINO.de

In the Halloween comedy “Hubie Halloween” there were several Easter eggs for various Adam Sandler films. That gives the actor a crazy idea.

“Hubie Halloween” with Adam Sandler was released on Netflix last week, sealing the seventh cooperation between the actor and the streaming service. In the comedy, Hubie (Adam Sandler) always tries to protect his hometown from all dangers during Halloween. However, this time it turns out that the city is really in danger and only Hubie can save the local residents. In “Hubie Halloween” friends and colleagues like Kevin James, Rob Schneider and Maya Rudolph appear, who can be seen again and again in Adam Sandler films. In addition, other allusions and Easter Eggs appear in the film, which Adam Sandler now has a crazy idea.

In an interview with Yahoo! Entertainment revealed Sandler that they deliberately used the popular characters in his latest film. For this reason, he even toyed with the idea of ​​releasing a “The Avengers” -like film, a “Sandler verse“So to speak, in which all the characters from his films can be seen united:” I like that. I just have to prepare myself mentally for it. That will probably happen after 35 years, but we will get there ”.

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These allusions can be seen in “Hubie Halloween”

“Hubie Halloween” has some references to Adam Sandler films that not every viewer noticed. In the further course of the interview Adam Sandler admitted that the character Hubie Dubois is an allusion to Bobby Boucher, who works in “Waterboy” as a water carrier for a successful football team. Ben Stiller also appears in a supporting role that relates to his character from the film “Happy Gilmore”, in which Stiller plays a geriatric nurse. You can see more Easter Eggs for “Hubie Halloween” on Cinemablend.

If anyone could succeed in establishing their own film universe, it would be Adam Sandler. You can say what you want about the films, but the actor, with his special sense of humor, managed to bring countless films to the screen, some with great success. It remains to be seen whether the “Sandlerverse” will appear on Netflix or whether we will see such a spectacle in the cinema.

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