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The 4 biggest movie flops from Thor 4 star Chris Hemsworth – one was particularly embarrassing

Even the biggest superstars have flops or even real eyesores in their vita. Especially at the beginning of your career, you don’t get a watertight role offer every day and you have to take what you can get. It was the same for Chris Hemsworth, who was practically at the airport when he entered Hollywood Thor cloak thrown, but occasionally hit it badly a few times.

Before Thor 4-Star: Chris Hemsworth There are failures on Netflix

You can tell four of the biggest mistakes Chris Hemsworth made from his 12-year Hollywood career Stream on Netflix now and familiarize yourself with the dark niches of the otherwise radiant Marvel star before Thor 4: Love and Thunder.

Here we present the 4 films with worldwide entry and / or the ratings went particularly far short of expectations. In addition, only films in which the Australian plays a leading role were considered.

  • Budget and income in US dollars: 115 million / 165 million

  • Moviepilot rating: 5.2

How bad is he really? One of those sequels that nobody asked about, that has nothing to tell and basically just ruminates on the topics of the first part. Hemsworth himself was dissatisfied with the film. He interprets artistic misunderstandings and says: “I.I don’t think we ever got to the point with the film.“An avoidable failure that Hemsworth could have avoided at this stage of his career.

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Flop 2: In the Heart of the Sea with Chris Hemsworth on Netflix

  • Budget and income in US dollars: 100 million / 94 million
  • Moviepilot rating: 6.5

How bad is he really? In the Heart of the Sea is a good, no-nonsense, old-fashioned adventure film with a lead role that is tailored for Hemsworth. Unfortunately, the film adaptation turned out to be a brutal miscalculation. Adventure films, including star-studded ones, had a tough time in 2015 when sequels from Fast and Furious, Marvel, Jurassic World and Star Wars dominated the box office.

Flop 3: Red Dawn with Chris Hemsworth on Netflix

  • Budget and income in US dollars: 65 million / 51 million
  • Moviepilot rating: 4.8

How bad is he really? Red Dawn is well Chris Hemsworth’s Bigger Eyesore. The remake of The Red Flood from 1984 came after a shooting and marketing chaos almost three years after the end of the production in the cinemas and thus at a time when Chris Hemsworth had already earned a good reputation in Hollywood.

With Red Dawn, the sins of the past caught up with him. He had joined the project in 2009, prior to his major castings at the MCU on Star Trek. Red Dawn itself shows the many re-shoots. The story of a North Korean army that was only Chinese and that is invading the United States out of the blue does not develop any real tension.

  • Budget and income in US dollars: 110 million / 254 million
  • Moviepilot rating: 5.4

How bad is he really? Men in Black 4 is a borderline case. He was just so black and just so bearable. And yet it doesn’t matter. And that with these possibilities. The idea of ​​transferring the chemistry of Tessa Thompson and Chris Hemsworth from Thor 3 to a different setting sounds good. The science fiction adventure turns out to be irritatingly sterile and predictable. That shrug from a blockbuster does not fit into Hemsworth’s career, which is currently on the rise.

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What is your favorite bad role of Chris Hemsworth?

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