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THAT love Ben Affleck & Co.

Ben Affleck, Tom Hanks & Co .: Celebrities with hobbies of a different kind

While some people visit the tennis club after work or read a good book, some celebrities come along with rather unusual hobbies. Here we reveal what model Gisele Bündchen or actors like Tom Hanks and Ben Affleck like to do in their free time!

Gisele Bündchen

The world of celebrities is examined again and again and some of them surprise with extraordinary preferences or hobbies. So does Gisele Bündchen, the famous model queen, loves to fly helicopters. But the beauty is not just sitting there, but in the middle of it all and made her pilot’s license to take the reins in her own hands.

In addition to Gisele, another celebrity joins with an interesting one hobby to. Ben Affleck may have a very secret skill! The actor is accused of being a real blackjack professional. But luck doesn’t play a role for him.

Ben Affleck

“Good Will Hunting” and “Pearl Harbor” made this actor famous. In the past there were less and less good headlines – for example on the subject of alcohol or even in terms of casinos. With the latter, for example, Affleck is no longer a welcome guest in every casino. Background: According to media reports, the actor was caught counting cards in blackjack. What is no longer possible online, continues to work in the local casino and the operators do not like to see that and often take action in the form of house bans.

Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks also joins the list of celebrities with an extraordinary hobby. The actor has a great passion for collecting, which surprises. He collects typewriters and they take great pleasure in collecting them. In 1978, Hanks took his typewriter, which was then made of plastic, to a restorer and asked for it to be repaired. The restorer from Cleveland turned it down and showed Hanks what makes a real typewriter among his many offers. Hanks now owns over 100 of these pieces that are valuable to him. In doing so, he acquired one of his favorite pieces, Hermes 2000, on that named visit. A special piece, the 1934 Smith Corona Silent, was sent to him by a radio station with a request to perform on his premises. Hanks took this as a thank you and continues to collect diligently.

Rod Stewart

A celebrity with a popular hobby that many fans also share is Rod Steward. His passion is collecting model trains. The famous British singer cherishes this hobby for more than 20 years. For this he built himself a very detailed model railway city, which is constantly being expanded and renewed. The 74-year-old musician lives out this passion so conscientiously that it caused a sensation in the December issue of “Railway Modeller”. He did not build this marvel in any other place than his huge attic. The rock star spends his time there for hours and enjoys the joy of new locomotives and small details that he lovingly installs. He was modeled on an image of Philadelphia from 1940. The passion began in his childhood, but instead of the model train station he had hoped for, his father bought him a guitar. In retrospect, not a bad decision! During his tours, Steward often books an extra room to work on new sculptures for his railroad landscape.

Ben Affleck, Tom Hanks & Co .: Celebrities with hobbies of a different kind

Hobbies that bind us together

Not every celebrity, on the other hand, chooses extraordinary hobbies. For example, Katie Price revealed that she loves sewing. A passion that many people share with her. Brad Pitt is just as down-to-earth with his hobby. The successful actor had an enclosure built for his gerbils for over $ 100,000. Admittedly, not everyone has this money for their animals, but the preference for gerbils is a shared hobby.

Nicolas Cage has also acquired an interesting hobby. Recently it has been a great pleasure for him to dwell on genealogy and look at the origins of his roots. While most hobbies bring calm and balance to everyday life, guitarist and founding member Kerry King surprises, from the well-known band “Slayer” with a bizarre hobby. He runs a complete snake farm, but he values ​​the choice of his animals. These consist exclusively of carpet pythons from Australia. He himself says that he just likes to play God and cross different genetics in order to bring something to life that did not exist before. The well-known musician sits waiting in front of the eggs that have already been laid and hopes for new discoveries.

Choosing a hobby is not easy given the huge range of offers. The well-known stars and celebrities show that a hobby definitely connects. Sometimes they are not as aloof as expected and in their private moments they resemble their fans.

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