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Sofia Vergara painfully reminded: Brother was murdered

Sofia Vergara (47) remembers a terrible moment! At the beginning of the year it was announced that the beautiful actress can look forward to a new job: At the side of Heidi Klum (47), Simon Cowell (60) and Howie Almond (64) the Modern Family star is allowed to sit on the jury of America’s Got Talent and decide on the talent’s career. One participant moved the model there to tears – and awakened the memory of her murdered brother!

On the latest episode of the show, Brandon Leake appeared before the judges to recite a poem he wrote. The work was about the death of his little sister, who died when she was only eight months old. The verses about loss cast a spell Sofia Tears in the eyes: “I can feel your pain. I know what it is like when someone is taken from you!”the 47-year-old declared, adding: “My brother was killed in the same year!”

Sofia’s brother Rafael was kidnapped in Colombia in the 1990s and detained for almost two years despite the payment of ransom. He was killed in a scuffle with the kidnappers in 1996. Rafael left behind a young daughter, Sofia’s niece Claudia Vergara (27).

Sofia Vergara at an Oscar party in February 2019
Rafael Vergara with his daughter Claudia
Sofia Vergara in February 2015



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