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One of the best series of the year is hiding somewhere else

One of the best series of the year starts with a murder. This is not a particularly unusual premise – there is certainly no shortage of crime novels in the TV landscape. Nevertheless, Mare of Easttown captivates from the first minute. The new crime series with Oscar winner Kate Winslet in the leading role can be seen in this country on Sky and with its cool images develops a pull that you can feel can not escape.

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None of Netflix’s lavish blockbuster series has been able to keep up with this pull in the past few weeks. The US broadcaster HBO (Game of Thrones, Watchmen) has focused on its greatest strength and created a drama that is made up of exciting characters and a disturbing story captivates. In contrast to the rushed streaming productions, it is a pleasure to watch the Mare of Easttown plot unfold.

Everyone hides a secret in Mare of Easttown

At the center of events is investigator Mare Sheehan (Kate Winslet). It leads us through the streets of the eponymous small town, which at first glance seems very quiet, almost deserted. Even when there is no snow, winter can be felt in every setting. The human retire to their homes, but not just because of the warmth. Everyone is hiding secrets here. And then the body of a young woman is found.

You can watch the trailer for Mare of Easttown here:

Mare of Easttown – S01 Trailer (German) HD


At times, Mare of Easttown looks like we’re diving into a Twin Peaks variation from which all the supernatural elements have disappeared. There is one big difference, however: In contrast to Dale Cooper, who comes to the mysterious Twin Peaks as an outsider to solve a murder, Mare is deep in social life anchored by Easttown.

A separation between professional and private life is impossible. The young investigator Colin Zabel (Evan Peters) rightly notes at one point with an irritated tone whether there is even a person in this city who Mare does not know. Her day-to-day work becomes correspondingly tricky when half of her friends find themselves in the interrogation room.

Narrated more carefully than any Netflix series this year

It’s one of the series’ greatest charms, and it grows more complex as it progresses through its seven episodes. We watch Mare how she maneuvers through the different layers of her life and cannot introduce clear dividing lines. Sooner or later it all comes together, be it in the living room or at the police station. Dramaturgically it is extremely exciting: When does this woman break up?

Challenges hail tirelessly: Mare already has that People lost confidencebecause she couldn’t solve the disappearance of a girl a year ago. She is divorced and lives with her mother (Jean Smart), her daughter (Angourie Rice) – and her grandson (Izzy King). Because her son (Cody Kostro) has committed suicide, his wife (Sosie Bacon) is a drug addict.

Mare of Easttown

That’s a lot of material for a traumatized figure. Perhaps too much: Kate Winslet can’t pull on her e-cigarette enough to stifle the pain that preoccupies her. However, series creator Brad Ingelsby does not exploit Mares trauma. Instead, he tries to go through a winding story find out what moves the investigator and the other people in Easttown.

Revelations and twists are therefore not an end in themselves, but rather are based on what is being told. Admittedly, these revelations are often a shock. But they appear at least as often as crucial gear that clicks to reveal the true extent of the tricky criminal case. Mare of Easttown is full of those great moments that both add to and condense the drama.

The series is told much more carefully than many of the current Netflix productions. These appear immature and trapped in their binge mode instead of developing patiently. Mare of Easttown, on the other hand, gives the impression that Ingelsby would have gone over his scripts again and again in order to win something from even the most inconspicuous scenes deeper understanding for the inhabitants: inside the small town.

In Mare of Easttown you can rediscover Kate Winslet

The biggest argument for the series, however, is clearly Kate Winslet and her battered heroine. As a policewoman, Mare is brought into situations in which she has to question people who she is knows her whole life and with which she also has to do in her private life. A balancing act that doesn’t get boring even after seven episodes and offers Winslet numerous opportunities to prove their skills.

Mare of Easttown

You can really see the exhaustion in Winslet’s face, but also the sense of duty and ambition that flashes when Mare realizes that there is no way to go uncomfortable confrontation passes by. No less impressive are the moments when she obviously has no nerve to get involved in the next argument – and that is not hidden either.

Winslet works on a multi-layered woman who crosses boundaries and unites contradictions. Without the second chances that others give her, Mare would be lost. And yet she has something absolutely amazing: In a community where nobody dares to tell the truth in order not to stir up more dust, Mare dares to do just that, even if it hurts.

HBO has brought us some prestigious dramas over the past few years that have been spiced up with Hollywood’s A-tier. Big Little Lies is the best example of this. But it is rare for a well-known actress to be so merged with the setting like Kate Winslet. In Mare of Easttown she is practically invisible as a star. It’s a great way to rediscover her as an actress.

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