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How harmful is Mark Wahlberg’s transformation to Plauze?

Actors do a lot to prepare themselves perfectly for a film role. Often a physical change is also part of it. The latest transformation is now presented by Mark Wahlberg (50): He has gained significantly in weight within 4 weeks – namely 9 kilograms. To do this, he consumed up to 11,000 calories a day. FITBOOK wanted to know how harmful this actually is and asked an expert.

Mark Wahlberg’s film role in “Stu” demands a lot from the Hollywood star. He plays a boxer who later finds his calling as a priest and had to represent this transformation physically. That meant that the 50-year-old first had to be fit and well trained in order to be able to credibly portray his part as a boxer. Afterwards, Mark Wahlberg’s transformation consisted of gaining weight – and that in a short time. With up to 11,000 calories per day, the 50-year-old managed the unbelievable and ate nine kilograms within four weeks.

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Transformation – how did Mark Wahlberg manage to gain 9 kilograms in 4 weeks?

Sometimes not training like crazy and really feasting while eating – it actually sounds nice and relaxed. However, Wahlberg stated in an interview with US talk show host Jimmy Fallon that his massive weight gain within a few weeks was anything but funny. “Unfortunately, I had to consume 7,000 calories in the first two weeks and 11,000 calories in the next two weeks. That was maybe an hour of fun. ”In order to manage the amount of calories, the 50-year-old had to eat a meal every three hours – even when he actually felt full. In addition, the actor, who celebrated his 50th birthday in June, noticed that it was becoming more and more difficult for him to lose weight or gain weight as he got older.

Gaining weight and losing weight quickly – that’s what the expert says

For actors like Wahlberg and other Hollywood stars, it is often not just a one-off weight gain or loss. For example Renée Zellweger (“Chocolate for Breakfast”) or Christian Bale, who has put on or lost weight several times during his career (most recently for “Vice – The Second Man”) – it is above all the strong transformations in the shortest possible time Time that amazes the audience again and again. But what does that actually do with the body? “Switching between gaining and losing weight is not a problem at first. At least there are no studies that prove that the up and down weight is an isolated risk factor for poorer health, ”explains Dr. Matthias Riedl, diabetologist, nutritionist and internist. The human body is even made to deal with weight fluctuations. “We know that man has always had such times. That means he had a lot to eat at times and then the supply was a bit leaner. It is therefore even a good thing if we keep reducing reserves to zero. This is what the body needs, ”says Dr. Riedl.

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How harmful are 11,000 calories a day?

What Wahlberg recently did was the exact opposite of going down to zero. On the contrary: he greatly increased his daily calorie intake. For comparison: According to the Health Knowledge Foundation, men aged 50 and over need 2,200 to 2,800 calories of energy per day, depending on their level of activity. Since Wahlberg also refrained from exercising in the weeks of his weight gain, he consumed 11,000 calories a day, five times the normal amount of calories. An enormous burden on the body. “11,000 calories are really a lot, just way too many. You would actually have to do insane endurance sports on the side, ”emphasizes Dr. Riedl. Wahlberg’s behavior is therefore actually already “a mast”. And that also leaves traces directly in the body: “You will notice that the liver is fatty within a few days. An effect that you already notice over Christmas, by the way, but then you quickly break it down. “

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It becomes risky if the weight remains – there is a risk of consequential damage

It is not the fluctuations in weight or gaining and losing weight that are fundamentally negative for health, explains Dr. Riedl. It becomes risky if you end up weighing more than before. Because then the short-term health effects of weight gain could become permanent and lead to possible consequential damage. “If the liver fat remains, the risk of high blood pressure, diabetes, increased blood lipids and ultimately liver cancer increases. Because a fatty liver will at some point be converted into liver cirrhosis and this will later lead to an increased risk of liver cancer ”, says Dr. Riedl.

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Increase with over 50 – what role does age play

In Wahlberg’s case, there is also the factor of age. The Hollywood star has already indicated that he is noticing differences in weight and weight compared to his younger years. An impression that Dr. Riedl can only confirm: “The body’s self-healing powers are no longer so pronounced at this age. The metabolic activity of adipose tissue decreases slightly. The energy requirement decreases with age. In other words, compared to 30 years ago, it already has a 10 to 15 percent lower energy requirement. This makes it more difficult for him to work off the kilos again – and so the risk of losing weight increases every time. “

This risk could be increased by age-related symptoms such as joint damage. If these then make sporting activities more difficult, it becomes even more likely that the previous weight cannot be regained – with the potential consequences for health mentioned.

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Conclusion: Please do not copy!

Ultimately, it cannot be said in general that putting on and losing weight quickly is harmful to health. So can you try Mark Wahlberg’s transformation for fun? Dr. Riedl clearly from. Because what distinguishes actors from many people: They are super athletic. A crucial factor. Because especially when you gain weight, it is important to get rid of the kilos. Wahlberg’s adipose tissue has a much higher metabolism due to its sportiness. That is why the fatty tissue is quickly mobilized again after an inactive phase. An important reason why Wahlberg and his Hollywood colleagues usually manage to gain weight quickly and then lose weight again.



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