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David Hasselhoff private: New wife and daughters! This is how the “Baywatch” star lives today

David Hasselhoff is a real Hollywood star! Everyone knows him from the famous series “Knight Rider” or “Baywatch”. You can find out everything else you should know about the great actor here.

David Hasselhoff and his wife Hayley Roberts at the film premiere “Jeune & Jolie” at the Cannes Film Festival.
Image: picture alliance / dpa | Ian Langsdon

David Hasselhoff takes off with “Knight Rider”

David Hasselhoff was born on July 17, 1952 in Baltimore, Maryland. His family on his father’s side originally comes from Völkersen near Bremen, his mother’s from England. Therefore, of course, his languages ​​also include German, which he likes to give the best from time to time. After graduating from high school, David Hasselhoff began studying at the California Institute of Arts. In 1973 he made his acting debut in the series “The Dean Martin Show”, after which he climbed the career ladder steadily. This is followed by appearances in the soap opera “Shadow of Passion”, in “Star Crash – Stars in a Duel” (an Italian version of Star Wars) as well as in “Love Boat” and in “Cartier Affair”. In 1982 he finally had his big break as Michael Knight in the series “Knight Rider”, in which he caused a sensation with his talking car. In the 1980s it was the series with the highest ratings.

David Hasselhoff becomes a world star with “Baywatch”

As a cop on an undercover mission, he is marketed as an absolutely masculine sex symbol, especially in a leather jacket. With his leading role as Mitch Buchannon in “Baywatch – The Lifeguards of Malibu” he becomes famous worldwide in red swimming trunks with steely muscles. With that he has finally reached the Olympus of Hollywood’s great stars. He won his star on the Walk of Fame in 1996.

David Hasselhoff was successful as an actor

In addition to his land wall activity, his heart beats for the theater. In 2000, David Hasselhoff took on the leading role in the musical “Jekyll and Hyde” on Broadway in New York and in 2004 in the musical “Chicago” on London’s West End. He can also be seen in countless roles in film and television, including “Voll auf die Nüsse” in 2004 and “Klick” alongside Adam Sandler. In the same year he made a cameo in the children’s series “Spongebob”.

David Hasselhoff sings “Looking for Freedom” on the Berlin Wall in Germany

David Hasselhoff has become almost as famous as an actor with his songs. First and foremost, of course, his huge hit from 1989. This became a mega-success in Germany thanks to his appearance on New Year’s Eve when he performed his hit on the Berlin Wall. With his songs he achieved gold and platinum status more than 45 times worldwide. David Hasselhoff records a song for the American blockbuster “Guardians of the Galaxy”.

David Hasselhoff is cult

The famous actor and singer is so well known at times that he even made it into the Guinness Book of Records. There he is immortalized as “the most watched star in television history”. In fact, his name is one of the most searched on the Internet. There is a video on the Internet in which he rides a karate kid on a T-Rex into the sunset – once you have achieved cult status , you can do pretty much anything and the fans celebrate you for it!

Children, family and wife: This is how David Hasselhoff lives privately

He is now married to his third wife, Hayley Roberts. From 1984 to 1989 he was in a relationship with his colleague Catherine, in 1989 he married his second wife Pamela Bach, with whom he has two children. His first daughter Taylor-Ann was born in 1990 and the second Hayley-Amber in 1992. Up Instagram, Twitter & Co., David Hasselhoff is extremely active. There “The Hoff” often shows up in private with his family or on excursions with his wife.

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David Hasselhoff today: Entertainer brings out new song

In 2021 he will publish his song and the music video “The Passenger”, a cover version of the huge hit by Iggy Pop from 1977. On September 3, 2021 his new album “Party Your Hasselhoff” will follow.

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