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Celebrity Big Brother, A Case for Two … TV Tips on Friday

Celebrity Big Brother, A Case for Two …


TV tips on Friday

"Celebrity Big Brother": Uwe Abel, Melanie Müller, Papis Loveday and Danny Liedtke are in the final (from left)

“Celebrity Big Brother”: Uwe Abel, Melanie Müller, Papis Loveday and Danny Liedtke are in the finals (from left)

Photo: SAT.1

The grand finale of “Celebrity Big Brother” (Sat.1) will take place on Friday. In the first, the cow “Gloria” is the focus of an inheritance dispute between two siblings and a snakebite occupies the investigators in “A case for two” (ZDF).

8:15 p.m., Sat.1, Celebrity Big Brother, reality show

One small step for a celebrity, one big step for Big Brother. For the reality event, the celebrities had to embark on a journey this year that no other candidate has taken before them: It went into space. The final of the current season will take place on Friday, with four candidates hoping for victory. Melanie Müller, Uwe Abel, Papis Loveday and Danny Liedtke will be there. Marlene Lufen and Jochen Schropp will host the show live again.

8:15 p.m., The First, Gloria, my sister’s most beautiful cow, comedy

Except for a loose affair with the traveling fodder salesman Gerd (Max Hopp), the life of the Brandenburg farmer Jutta (Dagmar Manzel) consists only of work – and her cow Gloria. Gloria is a magnificent cow, the most beautiful in all of Brandenburg. Now she should be Miss Germany, plans Jutta. For Jutta, Gloria is the linchpin of her little world, for her brother Thomas (Axel Prahl), who unexpectedly comes to visit after the death of her father, this devotion is extremely irritating.

8:15 p.m., ZDF, A case for two: The wrong snake, crime thriller

Maximilian Dreiser (Stephan Weber) is apparently seriously injured in an argument with his wife Emilia. Emilia (Anne Schäfer), who is expecting a child from Max, is in custody – but Benni (Antoine Monot, Jr.) believes in her innocence. While Max is in a coma, it turns out that a venomous snake has bitten him. Time is running out to find the right snake and with it the right antidote. Leo (Wanja Mues) and Benni are looking for help in the zoo – in return, Benni takes on an animal roommate.

8:15 p.m., ProSieben, The Hunger Games – Mockingjay Part 1, Sci-Fi-Drama

Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence) is rescued from the Hunger Games arena by rebels. She then goes underground in District 13, which is believed to have been destroyed. When a war breaks out that will determine the future of Panem, Katniss must decide whether to support the rebels in the fight against the Capitol. Fate is in their hands.

8:15 p.m., RTL, LEGO Masters, show

When experts conjure up real works of art out of millions of colorful bricks, “LEGO Masters” will be chosen again. In the new season of the family show, Daniel Hartwich lets talented teams compete against each other in demanding challenges. Germany’s only certified LEGO expert Rene Hoffmeister evaluates the structures and is supported for the first time by the lead LEGO designer Elisabeth Kahl-Backes.

Celebrity Big Brother, A Case for Two …

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