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All new films and series in September

Amazon Prime does not have too many series on offer in September. On the other hand, the streaming service can really boast with the films. For example, the video game adaptation Rampage, in which Dwayne Johnson meets a intelligent albino gorilla allied to fight huge monsters.

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Amazon Prime will also be releasing a film for Will Smith fans in September. In Hidden Beauty, the actor shows himself off vulnerable side. At the box office, the drama of The Devil Wears Prada Director David Frankel was only able to convince to a limited extent. Now you can give him a second chance.

In addition, Amazon Prime secured the 1917 war film. It was staged by two-time Bond director Sam Mendes as if it had been shot in a single take. The result is one immersive, nerve-wracking movie experience. At the Oscars 2020 he won three trophies in 1917.

New movies on Amazon Prime in September 2021

New series on Amazon Prime in September 2021

  • 09/10/2021: Voltaire High – The Girls Are Coming, Season 1
  • 10.09.2021: PSG Ô Ville Lumière, 50 Ans De Légende, Season 1
  • 17.09.2021: Thu, Re & Wed, season 1
  • September 24th, 2021: Goliath, Season 4
  • September 24th, 2021: Dinner Club, Season 1

As always, the list is not complete, as more films and series often appear on weekends that were not previously announced by Amazon.

Podcast: The best feel-good series on Netflix & Co.

Ted Lasso is currently the best feel-good series. In the podcast we therefore ask ourselves why that is. What is it that makes a feel-good or feel-good series?

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After our discussion about Ted Lasso, we recommend you further series with a real feel-good factor and nature documentaries on top of that, always with a note of where you can stream them, of course.

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What are you watching on Amazon Prime in September?

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