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Why the politically correct view of old films is nonsense

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Too short the skirt? The neckline is too deep – so what?

Summer clothing: These fabrics help against sweating

Summer clothing- These fabrics help against sweating

Which substances can help prevent overheating and sweating? You can find the answers in the video!

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Julia Roberts as Erin Brockovich: Why we discuss sexism and find feminism after a video evening with the old film.

Berlin. When women run in stilettos, for example because they are too late to the babysitter after an exciting day at work to pick up the children, when they are wearing a skirt that is much too short, much too tight and with long thin legs protruding from it, then it looks very good nice and stupid.

In 2000 it was different. Da stumbled Julia Roberts as Erin Brockovich with miniskirt and high heels between lover and law firm around the area. Always with a baby in her arms and two other children in tow, she earned herself one of the best leading actresses Oscar and one Golden Globe.

When I saw the film in the cinema at the time, I found nothing about Julia Roberts, who Blockbusters-Icon of the 1990s and 2000s, showing an overloaded single mother whose breasts are only halfway held in check by a gaping zipper neckline.

Is Steven Soderbergh’s direction sexist?

And now I’m scared at the analog video evening with old DVDs, like a supposedly sexist director Steven Soderbergh The real story is told: Erin Brockovich, who works for a small law firm, exposes an environmental scandal and initiates a grandiose claim for damages.

The teenage child, however, thinks the protagonist’s outfit is pretty cool. In fact, it looks like she’s got into the Crop tops (belly free, deeply cut, tight) of the 16 to 20 year old girls pressed.

Look at the shoes, I call, they can’t run at all. Our teenage child wears white sneakers with their tops, the same model for years. In the spring they ordered sandals, which have been marveled at by all family members ever since.

Beautiful shoes are there to be admired. Who is walking around in it!

They have never been worn, as was the case when, in times of the pandemic, social life was limited to meetings in parks whose meadows were softened by constant rain.

So far, the crop-top-wearing child has had the experience: high shoes are there to look at. And to carry around. How Erin Brockovich masters the turbulent everyday life with these shoes in the film is a real role model.

Compliments in the office – do women still want to hear them?

Man, she is tough – and so sexy at the same time. Can you praise that? I remember the other day a friend complained that he wasn’t allowed to compliment women at all. For example, a nice colleague said that her new summer dress fits perfectly.

I can see that we women in the editorial team constantly compliment each other. The men have actually become reluctant. Cool sneakerssomeone said to me the other day. Another noticed that I was at the hairdresser’s. Clinically pure, so to speak. Totally harmless.

Talking about breasts at work: unimaginable!

Talking about your own breasts at work, like Erin Brockovich, who admits to her boss that she got hold of the explosive files by shaking her clipping – that’s absolutely unimaginable.

Gone are the days when men can get away with sitting in conferences with just a few women, tearing up bullshit and trying clumsy pick-ups.

Is everything okay then? Let’s put it this way: the fire is smoldering. The fact that guys still manage – as a scandal surrounding the head of a tabloid recently revealed – to enter into relationships with interns, to bully ex-lovers and to create a generally bombastic and vile climate in the working world shows that the old one sexism can flare up again at any time.

How would Erin Brockovich deal with sexism?

A sexism, by the way, that a person like Erin Brockovich (Julia Roberts) would fend off with a verbal attack – and if that’s not enough, with a targeted kick. By the way, she blows her lover, who always moans because she has so little time for him, to the wind. She only loves her children. And her job. And their shoes. This is not sexism, it is feminism – at its finest.

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