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Why Jared Leto is going to be the Joker again

After his performance of the Batman villain was panned, Jared Leto never wanted to slip into the role of the Joker again. He changed his mind for director Zack Snyder. He told t-online the reason for this.

Face tattoos, bright green hair, a metallic grin – for the film “Suicide Squad”, Jared Leto reinvented the cult figure Joker in 2016, giving it a modern, punky image. He invested a lot in preparation, met with real psychopaths and serial killers, stayed in prison and stayed in his role for months – even off the set. Jared Leto merged with the Joker, also externally: “When I shaved my eyebrows and cut off my long hair, something very strange happened to me,” he describes in an interview with t-online the key moment in which he first felt one with the To be figure.

Jared Leto: This is how he saw 2016 as the Joker in the movie "Suicide Squad" the end.  (Source: IMAGO / Everett Collection)Jared Leto: This is what he looked like as the Joker in the movie “Suicide Squad” in 2016. (Source: IMAGO / Everett Collection)

But his performance was far from well received by fans of the DC Universe. Many even described Leto’s interpretation of the Batman villain as the worst ever, after Cesar Romero, Jack Nicholson and Heath Ledger. The main role in the standalone flick was not given to the acting musician three years later, but to Joaquin Phoenix, who was celebrated for it and even received an Oscar for best leading actor.

Jared Leto rejected the Joker comeback

Jared Leto is said to have hit it all very much. It was said that he never wanted to play the Joker again. Nevertheless, the 49-year-old has now returned to his controversial role. From Thursday, March 18, 2021, he can be seen in “Zack Snyder’s Justice League”, which is celebrating its world premiere in Germany on Sky and Sky Ticket. The director, who had to drop out of the original version of the comic in 2017 for personal reasons, brought Leto back for his new, four-hour version of the film himself. However, he had to do a lot of convincing, because first he received a rejection from the actor.

Why did he consent, despite initial hesitation? “I am firmly convinced that there is no reward without risk,” Jared Leto clarifies in an interview with t-online and adds: “And because it is the Joker. How can you say no to the Joker ?! It is the best roles of all time and the greatest challenge. It’s the scariest, it’s the toughest. ” And it’s a second chance, because Zac Snyder gave him the opportunity for a new interpretation. In the film, Leto appears as a Joker in a completely different form: long-haired, more serious, darker. Little remains of the brightly colored comic clown from “Suicide Squad”.

He also feels drawn to tortured characters, according to the Hollywood star, who has already gone through some extreme transformations. In “Dallas Buyers Club” Jared Leto played a transsexual suffering from AIDS and starved himself 15 kilos for it. As a John Lennon murderer in “Chapter 27”, however, he put on over 30 kilos. “I love the challenge. What comes out of it when you really try hard and give it your all. Somehow I enter new territory every time. That seems to be a constant for me,” said the 49-year-old.

And every time he takes something out of the role for himself personally. Whether there are also features of the Joker in him? “That’s a good question – maybe one for my therapist,” laughs Jared Leto. “I think we all have dark sides in us. I really believe in that. We all have a sinner and a saint in us. A prophet and a murderer. I think we have it all in us.”



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