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“Jungle Cruise”: Dwayne Johnson filmed this scene “hungover”

Dwayne Johnson is a busy superstar who has either turned off or is still in the process of doing a lot of new projects. With “Jungle Cruise” one of them has now come to German cinemas and Disney +, and in it “The Rock” goes on an exciting adventure trip in the Amazon with Emily Blunt.

Fans can expect a lot of action and humor, with many gags at Johnson’s expense. The focus is on the dynamic between his character Frank and the scientist Lily played by Blunt. The chemistry between the stars is right in front of the camera and behind the scenes there was also a chum on the laces. Incidentally, during the filming, Blunt gave Johnson one on the nose – and one The reason for this could well have been the alcohol.

Dwayne Johnson: Always hungover on the set

& quot; Jungle Cruise & quot; Interview with Emily Blunt and Dwayne Johnson

In an interview with TVSPIELFILM.de, the two main actors revealed that in a scene in which Lily accidentally hits Frank in the face, there actually was more contact than should actually be the case. Why? “You were still hungover,” said Emily Blunt, obviously having a lot of fun.

Johnson made no attempt to explain himself and simply confirmed without hesitation: “I was hungover, which I usually am when I work.“According to his co-star, Johnson’s responsiveness was limited and he didn’t pull his head back in time to score.

With all the laughter, the truthfulness of the statements can of course be doubted with a clear conscience. Blunt and Johnson are obviously having fun together and that is what they convey in “Jungle Cruise”. The new Disney blockbuster was released in cinemas in Germany on July 29, 2021, and has also been available digitally as PVOD at Disney + for 21.99 euros since July 30. So if you don’t have access to Disney + yet, you can get one here for only 8.99 euros a month.

This content was first published by TVSPIELFILM.de.

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