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“I was better”: Sharon Stone shoots Meryl Streep

“I was better”
Sharon Stone shoots at Meryl Streep

She was “one of the most overrated actresses”, etched the then US President Donald Trump against Meryl Streep. Sharon Stone seems to have a very similar opinion. In any case, she is now also making a verbal attack against her colleague.

“I am not proud of our President. I am ashamed that he holds this sacred office,” said Sharon Stone, referring to Donald Trump. But she seems to be on the same wavelength as the former US president in at least one respect. After all, Trump once ridiculed Hollywood icon Meryl Streep as “one of the most overrated actresses ever”. And Stone now also makes it unmistakably clear that she cannot understand the hype surrounding her colleague.

A question from interviewer Johanna Schneller for the lifestyle portal “Everything Zoomer” got the ball rolling. When Stone wanted to know what it was like to have worked with Streep for the first time for Steven Soderbergh’s Netflix film “The Money Laundering”, Stone replied: “I like the way you put it. That I finally got with Meryl Streep could work together. They didn’t say, ‘Meryl could finally work with Sharon Stone. Or we could finally work together.’ “

“Everyone throws himself on the ground”

In their opinion, this is the big problem in Hollywood, Stone continued. Too few role offers for women who would then have to compete with the overglorified Streep for the rarely sown parts – and would inevitably lose out. “In my opinion, to be honest, there are other actresses who are just as talented as Meryl Streep,” rumbled Stone. Viola Davis is such an example. “Emma Thompson. Judy Davis. Olivia Colman. Kate Winslet, damn it. But you say ‘Meryl’ and everyone throws themselves on the floor.”

The 63-year-old also brings herself into the race, at least when it comes to shady characters. “I’m a much better villain than Meryl, and I’m sure she would say that too,” she said confidently. “Meryl wouldn’t have been good at Basic Instinct or Casino. I was better. And I know. And she knows.”

Criticism in the social networks

In the social networks Stone earned some approval for her statements, but above all her statement met with criticism. Many Stones are particularly annoyed with the latent accusation that Streep is to blame for the fact that other actresses are not offered good roles. One user wrote: “I hate the disgusting portrayal that Meryl works too hard and steals roles.” Streep’s immense success is not based on the expense of other “overlooked” actresses.

Film critic Mark Harris writes: “Streep is now ending her fourth decade of ‘she’s not that great!'” And he has one more piece of advice for Stone: “A great way to celebrate other actresses is to celebrate other actresses . And don’t grumble about any of them. “



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