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“I was afraid that too much breast milk would come in!”

Amanda Seyfried: “I was afraid that too much breast milk would come in!”


07/22/2018 8:39 pm

Amanda Seyfried has been in the musical film “Mamma Mia! – Here We Go Again “can be seen in cinemas. She had already embodied the role of Sophie, which she plays in it, in the first part in 2008. During the interview in Hamburg, she told reporter Katja Schwemmers what complications her breasts caused her during filming.

Amanda, what happened to your eyes?
I’ve caught an eye infection. Now of all times. But my make-up artist was great – she just made my other eye red too. Well it just looks cool. (laughs)

What can you tell us about your German roots?
That was a long time ago. But my family’s ancestors come from Germany and Scotland. I was born in Pennsylvania as were all of my close family members. I’m so American, it couldn’t be more American! But what is really funny: If you go back in our family tree, we were supposedly called Siegfried in the past. The name changed over time to Seyfried. So I’m kind of German.

Photo: David M. Benett / Getty Images for Wolfskin TechLab

Why do people love “Mamma Mia!”?
I really think it has a lot to do with the girl power aspect and the bond between mother and daughter. In addition, the location on the island gives you that holiday feeling. And of course, ABBA’s music is still inspiring. If it weren’t for a musical, it wouldn’t be what it is. Musicals conquer a heart and never leave it. Especially not if it has catchy tunes like ABBA’s.

At 32 you are still too young for ABBA!
I didn’t own any of their albums, but I knew the music, the melodies were in my heart. Somehow I always knew how a song would go on. ABBA is still on the radio everywhere – they are as timeless as the Beatles. I also knew the cover versions of the A * Teens.

How long did it take you to agree to the sequel to “Mamma Mia!”?
I hesitated. When the rumors first surfaced that there would be a sequel, I was heavily pregnant with my first child. There was no script yet. I thought the idea was silly. Why should we revive it after ten years? I lacked the imagination for it. I also had so many questions: “Will Meryl be there? Will everyone participate again? And what about me – will I still appear in it a lot? “

But then you said yes.
No joke, I had just given birth, came home with my baby the next day, was trying to breastfeed when my agent called and said, “It’ll start in August.” I had no head at all so soon after the birth Therefore. A week later the script was in the mailbox. It was special. And then it was clear.

Ultimately, I think each of us did it for ourselves. It’s really scary to shoot a sequel and a story where there is no musical template. But, presumably, people love the characters from the first film enough. Our fans are loyal. I think you will be happy with the sequel.

Was your approach to the role different this time now that you are a mother yourself?
I came to the set and was allowed to play myself. Although ten years ago I was a lot more like Sophie, I was even in love with the same guy (Dominic Cooper, editor’s note). In that sense, I actually played myself when I was 21 and just had fun on the set. In the meantime, however, my priorities have shifted.

In what way?
Well, my baby came first, and in fact, as a new mom, I’d sometimes forget my text. The biggest challenge for me, however, was to make sure that my breasts didn’t get too much breast milk, so that they weren’t much plumper in the evening than in the morning.

Are there moments when you would wish that your whole life was a musical?
Almost always when I have an argument with my husband. Because if I start singing, the stress would be gone quickly and everything would be fine again. Anyway, the world would be more joyful and relaxed if we started singing and dancing. You can always tell from the flash mobs how good you feel when you watch a clip of it. And if Trump started dancing to ABBA, I’d hate him 0.003 percent less.

Has your open manner ever got you into trouble?
Are you kidding? Sure, of course. At first it arose out of a kind of uncertainty: I really wanted to let others know who they were dealing with. I also find it much more difficult to be who I am and act out feelings that I don’t have. But there are certain things that I wouldn’t tell everyone about. My menstrual cycle, for example, is nobody’s business.

Are you now best friends with Cher?
In any case, she is now part of the family! My mother is a huge fan! “Strong Enough” was a huge hit when I was in high school. When she got on set, most of us had known each other for years and had a connection. Cher was the new kid in the school. She didn’t want to be treated any differently from everyone else. Yes, she is special, but also sweet, loving and grateful. When we did Super Trouper at the end of the shoot, we all didn’t want to go home – I don’t think Cher either.

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