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Hugh Jackman reveals results of his biopsy


August 09, 2021 – 11:50 am clock

Result is “not clear”

Worrying about cancer is almost everyday life for Hugh Jackman (52). The actor has already had to be treated for skin cancer several times. Now he has discovered a new abnormality on the nose, but the result of the investigation is inconclusive.

Hugh Jackman remains optimistic

Hugh Jackman (52) fears for his health again. He last announced in March 2017 that he had skin cancer. At that time it was a basal cell carcinoma. A form of skin cancer that is less dangerous compared to other skin tumors, but had to be treated.

Now the worry is back again. After the actor noticed a change on the nose, he went to see a dermatologist. But the all-clear has not yet been given. Hugh underwent a biopsy, a minor surgical procedure to remove tissue and have it examined. However, the number of cells was not sufficient for a diagnosis and the result was “ambiguous”, as the decision was made not to penetrate deeply into the skin due to the fact that the film would soon be filming. A mistake?

Doctors aren’t worried, but Hugh Jackman has to undergo another biopsy. The 52-year-old revealed: “If there is anything, it is basal cell carcinoma that is not dangerous, but that has to be treated.” The actor remains optimistic!

In the video: Hugh Jackmann reassures his followers

Reminder: skin cancer prevention!

Hugh Jackman keeps reminding fans to get regular skin screenings. In his post on Instagram he thanks for the great sympathy and is happy about the comments: “If I only remind one person to visit their dermatologist with this post, I am happy.”

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