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George Clooney on “Among Us” ?! You have to look twice at this man>broadcasts>

You have to look twice at pop singer Björn Landberg

Wow – did George Clooney get lost in Cologne’s Schillerallee? You might think so when you see Björn Landberg in the “Unter Uns” set, because the pop singer looks very similar to the Hollywood star. And not only that, because Björn’s role Daniel “Danny” Oschmann actually has something in common with George Clooney’s role in the film “Oceans Eleven”. We met Björn Landberg on the set and there he tells us how he experienced the shoot.

Is Danny about love or his next coup?

In 2001 the film “Ocean’s Eleven” in the leading role with George Clooney as Daniel “Danny” Ocean stormed the cinema charts. Pop singer Björn Landberg now plays a similar role in “Unter uns”. Because there, in his role as Danny Oschmann, he not only appears as the ex-fiancé of Monika Huber (Isabel Vollmer), but also has a lot of dirt on it. What will happen? Monika is currently in an absolute emotional chaos: stepson Jakob Huber (Alexander Milo) causes butterflies in the stomach and then suddenly her former fiancé Daniel Oschmann is standing in front of her. Freshly flown in from Las Vegas! Like Danny Ocean, Danny Oschmann tries to turn the big thing between casinos and gambling dens and repeatedly pulled Moni into his criminal business. Now Danny wants her back and spend the rest of his life with her. But is it really about love or is the charming crook just planning his next coup?

Björn Landberg as Danny Oschmann on “Unter Uns” will be shown for the first time on Monday, July 12th, 2021 at 5:30 p.m. on TV, or already on TVNOW.

More video highlights for “Unter Uns” can be found here:

Watch “Unter Uns” on TVNOW

Whole episodes of “Unter Uns” can be seen on TVNOW up to seven days before they are broadcast. Older episodes of the series are also available there.

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