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Eva Mendes: Suspicious ring speaks for wedding with Ryan Gosling

Eva Mendes
Secret wedding with Ryan Gosling?

Eva Mendes

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Hardly any other Hollwood couple keeps their private life as strictly from the public as Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling. So it wouldn’t be surprising if the two actors had secretly said yes. This evidence speaks for it.

Eva Mendes, 46, Ryan Gosling, 40, enjoyed the fresh air and the warming rays of the sun while walking together in Los Feliz in Los Angeles with their daughters Esmeralda, 6, and Amada, 4. The public rarely gets to see the family. It goes without saying that the paparazzi will be there quickly to take pictures of the otherwise private couple with their children. One detail is particularly striking in the photos published by “HollywoodLife”: Eva’s hand is adorned with a gold ring.

Eva Mendes wears suspicious ring

To protect against Covid-19, the entire family is exemplary wearing mouth and nose protection. When the 46-year-old kneels in front of one of her daughters to help her with the mask, the delicate piece of jewelry can be made out despite the blurred images. Her left ring finger, on which the wedding ring is traditionally worn in the USA, is adorned with a simple, yellow gold ring.

It’s not the first time that resourceful fans have discovered the piece of jewelery on their hand. As early as January 2020, the mother of two was seen with a gold ring on her finger. And he can also be seen in some of her Instagram posts – but not on all of them.

Happy for ten years

Did Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling get married last year? After all, the two “The Place Beyond the Pines” stars have been a couple since they were filming together in 2011. An engagement or wedding would be the culmination of ten years of love.

Since the couple rarely reveals private details, fans will probably have to wait for the breakup. However, one thing is beyond question: the couple still seem happy after ten years of relationship – with or without saying yes.

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