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Come Play – Steven Spielberg’s monster nightmare in the German trailer

When filmmaker icon Steven Spielberg calls, you don’t have to wait long. And that was probably not necessary with the young filmmaker Jacob Chase. Based on his acclaimed short film Larry last year he set the scene for the cinema on behalf of Spielberg’s Amblin Entertainment Come play um – to which the really big premiere with us, however, is denied.

The idea behind it is (like the effective template, which has been clicked a million times), quite simply knitted, but already good for one or the other moment of shock in the trailer. Here we meet Larry, a pleasantly terrifying creepy fellow who is again once proves:

A little imagination can move mountains! In the story, little Oliver (Azhy Robertson) wants a friend of his own so badly that the creature from his youth book comes to life without further ado. He can see the lanky, terrifying figure, reminiscent of a nightmarish monster, who prefers to ambush him in the dark, but only if he has successfully captured her beforehand with the camera of a mobile phone or tablet, which, as the trailer already shows, eerie for some Moments is good.

A monster develops an uncanny life of its own

Because of course Larry (as you might expect from a modern scare jump ripper of this size) always shows himself when he achieves the greatest possible boo effect. Who will inevitably like the effective light and shadow horror from David F. Sandbergs Lights out has to think back, which was co-produced by James Wan, is not so wrong.

Because both films, both Come play as well as Lights out, go back to very positively received short films, which were then discovered by experienced Hollywood producers (Spielberg and Wan), expanded to feature length and successfully brought to the cinema.

Larry is only visible electronically! © Universal Pictures

Whereby Come play Due to the very current and acutely rampant corona pandemic and lockdown regulations last October, only a very short and inglorious US cinema premiere (more than 10 million dollars were not included) was granted. Probably because of the rather disappointing figures from overseas, the film will be sold in Germany on August 19th without detours on DVD and Blu-ray Disc.

Of course, that doesn’t change the quality of the film, which is obviously present (60% at the RottenTomatoes review service) and the strong cast around Gillian Jacobs (Community, Girls night), John Gallagher Jr. as 10 Cloverfield Lane and Underwater – It’s awakened and Rachel Wilson (Stephen Kings In the tall grass) who were the parents and grandparents of the terrified Azhy Robertson (Marriage story) and want to put a stop to Larry’s gruesome goings-on.

From August in German retail: Come Play. © Universal Pictures

Written on 06/24/2021 by Torsten Schrader

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