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Ben Affleck in Game of Thrones Replacement: This is the worst hairstyle of his career

Have you ever heard of the Hair by Ben Affleck and Matt Damon thought about? Probably not. But one thing is certain: Gladiator director Ridley Scott has thought for a long time about the hair of Ben Affleck and Matt Damon. Too long.

The trailer for the history flick Last Duel, which is reminiscent of Game of Thrones, was supposed to show off its acting ensemble and effort. However, the shiny armors fade away from the gruesome hairstyles by Ben Affleck and Matt Damon. Ex-Batman Affleck in particular has what it takes to be the most terrible hairstyle of his career.

Check out the hair, uh, trailer for Last Duel with Ben Affleck and Matt Damon:

The Last Duel – Trailer (English) HD


Let’s start with Matt Damon’s hair in Last Duel

Matt Damon rarely goes crazy with his hairstyle. being previous hairstyle low point in front of the camera can probably be found in The Great Wall, in which he drives his enemies to flight with a man bun that is pulled tightly by the military. It’s harmless compared to his appearance in Ridley Scott’s Last Duel.

In it he plays a French knight from the 14th century. However, the limited hairdressing options in the late Middle Ages are not used as an excuse for what is in store for us.

This is Matt Damon’s hairstyle in the Game of Thrones replacement

Matt Damon’s hair in Last Duel

That’s the only correct reaction to Matt Damon’s hairstyle

Jodie Comer can’t believe it either

If you only saw Matt Damon’s hairstyle, who would seriously guess a historical spectacle?

The only historical spectacle for which Matt Damon should audition with this frize is a biopic about Oliver Kahn’s career start at KSC.

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The mullet mat of horror combined with the fluffy goatee should certainly testify to harshness, after all, the film is about a fatal duel between two knights after the wife of one has accused the other of rape.

Matt Damon does not look like a rough leg in the film, however, but like a drunk who, stumbling out of a village disco, yells Wool Petry’s “madness” in 1985 and stumbles into a time machine.

This is madness

This hairstyle is miraculously not the worst in the trailer for Last Duel. Because there is still Ben Affleck.

This is what ex-Batman Ben Affleck looks like in Last Duel

Ben Affleck is BLOND here

And how could one react to this sight other than like this?

Is that awe or pure fear?

Until yesterday, Ben Affleck could look back on a noticeably inconspicuous hairstyle career. We never had to think about Ben Affleck’s hair and we weren’t even aware of that happiness.

Last Duel now marks a turning point, because nothing is hairstyle as it used to be.

How did we and Ben Affleck deserve this?

Somebody came up with the idea that Ben Affleck would have one in the historic ham lost Lannister cousin should play.

And that someone is probably the world’s biggest fan of Channing Tatum’s escalated bleaching in Jupiter Ascending.

Channing Tatum at least played a wolf man or a human wolf or whatever

Matt Damon’s character motives for the cut on the, ahem, hair can still be drawn.

Ben Affleck testifies with his bleached something on the skull and under the chin but of one catastrophic misjudgment either with the casting (there are also blonde actors who do not speak French but play French) or the development of characters together.

This is by far the worst hairstyle of his career. Let’s pray he’ll never top it.

Last Duel hits theaters on October 14, 2021. Until then, we’ll hopefully find out why Ben Affleck and Matt Damon are taking on this hairy ordeal – while Adam Driver actually looks the same as always.

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