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Ben Affleck as Batman in The Flash (DC): Accident on the set of the film

The American actor Ben Affleck is coming to the photocall of the film “Justice League” in London on November 4, 2017.

Ben Affleck (here at the premiere of “Justice League” in November 2017) embodies Batman again in the film “The Flash”. An accident occurred on the set of the film.

During the shooting of “The Flash”, the new DC film with Ben Affleck, there was an accident on Thursday (July 29, 2021): As the local newspaper “Glasgow News” reported, a cameraman got under the wheels of Batman’s Batcycle . The shooting had to be interrupted.

Glasgow. The new DC film “The Flash” has been filmed in Great Britain for a good three months now. However, on Thursday production had to be briefly interrupted. The reason for this was an accident in which a cameraman was injured. This was reported by the Scottish local newspaper “Glasgow News”, citing eyewitnesses.

According to the reports, the accident had occurred in the center of Glasgow in the afternoon: The affected cameraman was sitting on a motorcycle to film Batman from behind while he raced down the street on his Batcycle. At an intersection, the cameraman finally collided with the Batman double and got under the Batcycle. Those present immediately called an ambulance to take the injured cameraman to the hospital. This emerges from further witness reports.

“The Flash”: Shooting of film with Ben Affleck stopped

In the meantime, Warner Bros. has commented on the event: “During the filming of ‘The Flash’ there was an accident in which fortunately no one was seriously injured,” a spokesman for the production company told the US magazine “People”. “The crew member involved was given immediate medical attention in accordance with regulations.” He added that the well-being of all employees was taken very seriously. “Strict health and safety regulations” prevailed in all productions.

“The Flash” is scheduled to start in November 2022. The focus is on the superhero The Flash alias Barry Allen, who is again played by Ezra Miller. In 2016, the now 28-year-old first took on the role in “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice”. Batman only plays a minor role in “The Flash”: He is played again by Ben Affleck, although his portrayal in “Justice League” (2017) caused a lot of discussion among fans. (ch)

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