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Will the action hit get a sequel?

On the day of his release from prison, an ex-soldier gets caught in a prisoner transport breakout. We’ll tell you if Nicolas Cage will take to the air again in “Con Air 2”.

An important day lies ahead for Cameron Poe (Nicolas Cage): After serving an eight-year prison sentence for manslaughter, the ex-soldier is released. The Army Ranger and other famous violent criminals are said to be brought to Louisiana in a prisoner transport plane and released from there. But nobody expects that the notorious prisoners meticulously planned their escape from the plane. Cyrus “The Virus” Grissom (John Malkovich) is the mastermind behind the action, which the rest of the violent criminals follow. Will Nicolas Cage face a bunch of criminals again in “Con Air 2”?

in the Video do you see action films exclusively on Netflix:

“Con Air 2”: Action-blast above the clouds

With “Con Air”, director Simon West (“The Expendables 2”) organized a real festival for action fans in 1997. In the “die hard” manner, the filmmaker restricts himself to almost only one location, forcing his characters into a driving intimate play high in the air. But that is less psychologically founded than hard, brutal and ruthless. The action cracker above the clouds happened in Nicolas Cage’s heyday, before the actor got into debt and the good dream factory offers failed to materialize. Since then, many B-movies have adorned the filmography of the native Californian, who has only caught up with acting in recent years. But what about a sequel to the brilliant action film in this career? Could Simon West hire his leading actor again for “Con Air 2”?

“Con Air 2”: This is known from a sequel

In fact, director Simon West thought about “Con Air 2” a few years ago. As the filmmaker himself stated, he could have imagined a sequel in space – but this statement was made in 2014 and nothing has been heard about a potential sequel since then. It is therefore questionable whether action fans will again be taken on a rough and violent flight.

These were the best action films in 2018:

“Con Air 2”: alternatives for fans of Nicolas Cage

Anyone who had hoped for “Con Air 2” after so many years and at the latest with Cage’s Oscar appearance in the alcoholic drama “Leaving Las Vegas” became a fan of the actor should not miss his more recent appearances. Because in these the actor can really let his penchant for madness run free:

  • “Mandy”: Red (Nicolas Cage) and his wife Mandy (Andrea Riseborough) lead a peaceful life. But that ends when cult leader Jeremiah Sand (Linus Roache) brutally kills Red’s wife. It is clear to the bereaved that they must retaliate. The psychedelic vengeance trip is included in the subscription at Amazon Prime, but is also available to buy and rent.
  • “The color from space”: artist Nathan (Nicolas Cage) moves with his family to New England to escape the hustle and bustle of the modern world. But the quiet life comes to an abrupt end when a meteorite hits the garden – which changes people in a strange way. You can buy the HP Lovecraft adaptation from Amazon Prime or watch it with a subscription via Sky Ticket or Sky Go.
  • “Running with the Devil”: “The Boss” (Barry Pepper) is furious when he finds out that his high-quality cocaine has arrived in the US as stretched goods. So the drug cartel boss sends his specialists Cook (Nicolas Cage) and Man (Laurence Fishburne) off. You can buy the driving action thriller as a stream on Amazon or watch it with subscription to Sky Ticket and Sky Go.

Action fans watch out! Prove your knowledge in the quiz:

Action quiz: can you identify 25 classics by one picture?

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