Will Emily Blunt become the first woman as James Bond?

One thing is as good as certain: Daniel Craig will probably give up the role after the filming of the new “James Bond”. The new film will hit theaters next November. There are already wild rumors and forecasts surrounding the question of who will succeed him. So far, names like Tom Hardy, James Norton or Tom Hiddleston have been thrown into the ring. Even the ex-singer of the boy band band One Direction had chances in the gossip press. So far so good. However, the latest rumor has a little more explosive power.

Will the next James Bond be a woman?

The betting experts of the bookmakers are increasingly relying on a female 007 successor, the rate has recently improved from 33 to 12. Will the coveted role ultimately go to an actress? Such a revolution is not ruled out. The “James Bond” producer Barbara Broccoli had already indicated in the past that the next action hero might belong to another ethnic group and even become female.

Hollywood actress Emily Blunt is currently the top favorite. Born in Britain, she is currently playing a leading role in the horror thriller “A Quiet Place”, which is currently being released in cinemas. With the bookmakers, Blunt has made a giant leap forward. Most recently, she improved her quota as Her Majesty’s future spy from 250 to 50.

Edge of Tomorrow, Emily Blunt, Live Die Repeat

At GQ we think: Emily Blunt would fit perfectly into the role of a female 007! Born in London and endowed with both British and American citizenship, she perfectly combines a typical British charm with the sovereignty of a woman of the world. And on top of that, the mother of two daughters has already proven several times that she cuts an extremely good figure in action roles and can kick the asses of bad guys properly (see picture gallery).

Blunt isn’t the only woman traded for the role, however. Gillian Anderson’s name has also been traded as a potential 007 agent for a long time. She already gained experience as an agent in her role as Dana Scully in the TV series “The X Files”.

James Norton defends pole position

James Norton is still very popular at the moment. The star of the BBC series “McMafia” has absolute pole position among the bookmakers. He is followed by Tom Hardy and Jack Huston. However, Norton tries to take the wind out of the sails of speculations about his Craig successor and the associated bets. He told Radio Times, “If you’re thinking of placing a bet on me, you’d better keep your money.”

It remains exciting. The last word is far from being said. New names are sure to emerge. It is only a matter of time before the future of the action flick will become feminine.

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