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What? Anna Kendrick compares Princess Charlotte to a potato sack

Well, she can be happy that we don’t live in the Middle Ages, otherwise she would have got rid of her head long ago. Anna Kendrick, 29, can currently be seen in the cinemas with the film “Pitch Perfect 2”, but what she said in an interview about Princess Charlotte was almost like treason.

While half the world can hardly hold back from friends about the royal offspring, it seems “Twilight” actress the hype about not being able to understand the baby.

The baby did nothing “

In an interview with Seth Meyers, she lets her thoughts run free and rants endlessly against the child of Prince William and Duchess Kate. “I don’t understand why everyone is interested in the royal baby. It’s a baby and it hasn’t done anything “, says the American, who witnessed the hype live in England.

The whole city went nuts. There were flags everywhere and there were people who made extra cakes in honor of the baby. And I was just like, ‘The baby doesn’t even know you’re doing all of this. The baby doesn’t care. ‘

Anna Kendrick is not entirely wrong with this. But the fact that the birth of a famous baby is special for many cannot be denied. At the end she makes a rather less charming comparison.

Girl or vegetable?

“Is it a boy? Is it a girl Is it a sack of potatoes? I have no idea”says Kendrick. One can only hope that at some point, at the latest, she will notice the difference with her own offspring and be much more enthusiastic about it.

See the video here:

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