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The Black Belt Magazine – now also available as a German-language edition / With reports, interviews and features from the USA and exclusive content from Germany!

Dortmund (ots) – Martial artists, fans of martial arts, martial arts school operators and everyone involved with martial arts and martial arts have long been waiting for this day.

For a long time there has not been a magazine in German that is freely available in train station bookshops, at the kiosk, in the supermarket or in your dojo.

NOW the BLACK BELT magazine comes to you in GERMAN LANGUAGE.

This year, the big anniversary year on the occasion of the 60th birthday of BLACK BELT magazine, we are launching the first German-language edition with more than 16,000 copies in Germany, Austria and the German-speaking parts of Switzerland, Denmark and Benelux. The 1/2021 Sept / Oct issue will be available in stores from September 2nd, 2021 – or as a pre-order in our online shop at the link: -German-Edition-Sept-Oct-2021-VOL-1-NO-1

BLACK BELT magazine has an eventful history that goes back to 1961 and is celebrating its 60th anniversary as the world’s leading martial arts magazine in 2021. To celebrate six decades of legendary martial arts coverage, we at CENTURY MARTIAL ARTS have decided to finally publish a German edition as well. With BLACK BELT magazine we embark on an eventful journey through global martial arts history. From the creators of martial arts styles to karate tournament heroes and superstars on the screen, we will delight all readers with the iconic cover covers of BLACK BELT magazine on so many important moments and characters in the history of martial arts.

At CENTURY MARTIAL ARTS Martial Arts, martial arts is more than just a sport, it is lifestyle, it is passion and that is exactly why the BLACK BELT magazine offers not only news but also series of pictures with effective and innovative techniques to expand your repertoire! In addition to exciting reports on the latest martial arts events and the various martial arts, you will get interesting insights into the life and training of the grandmasters of our time and those who want to become one. Use the exclusive content and tips to efficiently improve your training program and receive the most important information about the latest products from CENTURY MARTIAL ARTS. In the first German edition we will come up with exciting columns from experts and unpublished, exclusive material from the first “martial arts rock star” Bruce Lee.

This year, the November / December issue will be available in stores at the beginning of November. From January 2022 we will even appear monthly!

BLACK BELT magazine was and is the largest international martial arts magazine. Our German edition is also international in character. From the second edition there will be additional columns, reports and interviews with many German-speaking martial artists, successful martial arts entrepreneurs and representatives of the guild.

Anyone who has a school, dojo or gym and is listed with us as a reseller can buy the magazine as a dealer from a quantity of 6 issues. We also have various exciting packages for martial arts schools, dojos and gyms for the “DOJO listing” and advertising options on offer.

Highlights and exclusives in the first German-language edition:

– Cobra Kai – Exclusive interview!
– Jade Dragon – Exclusive column of unpublished material by Bruce Lee
– Black Belt Hall of Fame
– MARTIALLY FIT – Martial Arts & Fitness from Hollywood
– “Jiu Jitsu” with Nicolas Cage, Alain Moussi and Tony Jaa
– and much more …

Press contact:

Century Martial Arts Europe GmbH
a CENTURY, LLC division

Christian Schommers
Head of Marketing & Media & Public Relations

Contact: +49 171/549 25 25
Back office: +49 231/24 94 53 – 63
Fax: +49 231/24 94 53 – 65

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