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REM Beauty – What we know about Ariana Grande’s new beauty brand

Ariana Grande appears to be on the verge of launching her own beauty label.

Ariana Grande appears to be on the verge of launching her own beauty label.

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Newly married, new to the jury chair for “The Voice USA” and soon to be the owner of a beauty line? The hints about the new label from superstar Ariana Grande are piling up.

REM – this abbreviation is the name of a song on Ariana Grande’s last album. And in all likelihood more than that soon. As early as June, the singer had a trademark protected under it that specializes in beauty products.

Since then, there has been speculation about when it will appear and what exactly is behind it. And even if the final date is not yet known, there are increasing indications that Ariana could join famous beauty brand owners such as Kylie Jenner or Rihanna.

That’s the name of the brand

First of all the question: Where does the certainty about the name come from? Ariana originally had a brand called #godisawoman protected. A few days ago, Doug Middlebrook, the singer’s best friend, suddenly posted a note in his Insta story:

In Times Square, several light panels advertise a mysterious brand called REM, with the note “coming soon”. To do this, he tags his BFF Ariana. In the meantime, the entry in the trademark register should also be adjusted.

The followers are ready

Is that not enough for you? There is also the (still empty) website and the label’s Instagram channel. The latter has of course not yet posted a single post, but has already posted 89,500 followers. Fans have found out: Among them is Joan Grande, Ariana’s mother.

Fans also discovered that Ariana’s mum also embraced some of the Twitter posts that fueled the rumors.

Notes on the products

Last but not least, there are the Flourishing Volumizing Mascara, the At the Borderline Eyeliner and the Midnight Shadows. The pop star applied for product names for all three. Night creams and masks are also very popular among the assumptions for possible products – Ariana’s song ultimately refers to the deep sleep phase known as REM sleep.

And then there are the hair extensions in the range, which the whole fan base is hoping for. It has not yet been made public whether they will be available for sale. What is certain is that Ariana is famous for her XL horse tail and the following line of lyrics: “You like my hair? Gee thanks, just bought it »(in German: You like my hair? Oh thanks, I just bought it). So it would be obvious.

Would you give Ariana Grande’s brand a shot? What is your favorite Celebs beauty brand? Discuss in the comments!

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