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Ghostbusters: Legacy – Critics Unite: The Movie Fans Have Been Waiting For!

Creepy entertainment that is not aimed exclusively at adults, but rather for the entire family, has become rather rare today. In the eighties, movies were like Gremlins, Ghostbusters or poltergeist omnipresent and thanks to PG approval (the PG13 rating, which is often used today, was only introduced later), even accessible to children.

It was through them that young viewers came into contact with gruesome film food for the first time. Today filmmaker Jason Reitman recalls (Juno, Up in the air), which at the time of the theatrical release of Ghostbusters – The Ghostbusters was just seven years old, gladly of this special and decisive experience return:

“When I at Ghostbusters then not only think of the many funny moments, but also of the fact that he really scared me terribly back then. It was my first contact with a horror movie. When I told Steven Spielberg some time ago that I Ghostbusters do, he suddenly said: ‘The ghost from the library – one of the top 10 scary moments of all time.’ And somehow he’s right, ”says Jason Reitman.

Ghostbusters: Legacy raises the dead! © Sony Pictures

The ghost hunters are back!

So, to a certain extent, one can speak of a fortunate coincidence that he was in charge of Sony’s Ghostbusters: Legacy (in the original: Ghostbusters: Afterlife) and thus the task was entrusted to continue the work of his father Ivan Reitman and to prepare his creation for a whole new generation of (young) moviegoers.

Because he tries to hand over the baton to new ghost hunters – these are up-and-coming stars like Finn Wolfhard Stranger Things or IT and Mckenna Grace Amityville: The Awakening, Spooky in Hill House -, but doesn’t miss out on the veterans either.

During the first public screening at this year’s CinemaCon, the specialist audience agreed on one point: Being Ghostbusters: Legacy has become exactly the sequel fans have been waiting for so long! The film should actually have started in the cinema last year, but was postponed several times in the wake of the corona crisis.

In November, if nothing changes, it should finally be ready. And judging by the first audience reactions, the long wait for the fourth could be Ghostbusters have been worth it!

Just one of the new ghost threats. © Sony Pictures

The first press reviews are enthusiastic

Gemrain Lussier from Gizmodo not only gives the film real hit potential, but also a lot of heart and surprises. In his opinion it brings Legacy “Exactly the right mix of nostalgia, laughter, new characters and surprises.” His final conclusion: “I love this film SO much!”

And he is not alone in this opinion. On the contrary, the vast majority of the reactions that have surfaced via Twitter so far are entirely positive and enthusiastic about the successful balancing act of bowing to the original series and fresh approach with new twists.

Legacy brings some nasty surprises! © Sony Pictures

Also Geek Tyrant’s Joey Paur counts himself among the converts, writes: “I had the unique opportunity Ghostbusters: Afterlife to be able to see now. And what should I say? The film embodies everything I think of as Ghostbusters-Fan dreamed it up. “

Almost everyone believes that Reitman is a heartfelt declaration of love to the iconic Ghostbusters has succeeded, whereby Legacy, how Austin Putnam in a nutshell, “stands on its own two feet and shines for itself.”

Probably the biggest trump card is playing James Preston Poole from Full Circle. For him is “Ghostbusters: Legacy the best film in the entire series. Incredibly well written, without drifting too much into nostalgia, and equipped with a story that even the original film could cut a slice of. An absolute winner! “

Even if the positive reactions are encouraging, it should not go unmentioned that social media reactions before the cinema or streaming premiere often have an exuberant tone, but the actual audience opinions are often the opposite – as happened at Wonder Woman 1984 or the grand finale of the modern Starwars-Trilogy. But of course that doesn’t have to be the case!

Expected to start November: Ghostbusters: Legacy! © Sony Pictures

Written on 08/25/2021 by Torsten Schrader

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