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Fun trip: Christian Bale with his wife and son at Disneyland

Rare photos of Christian Bale (47) and his family! In Hollywood he is considered one of the most successful actors ever. But the beau has long since found happiness in his private life: in 2000 he had the beauty Sibi Blažić got married. They crowned their love with two children together – daughter Emmeline and son Joseph. The latter was able to spend a great day with his parents: Because Christian, his wife and Joseph have now been to Disneyland together!

Paparazzi caught the “American Psycho” actor now in the amusement park. While his son is apparently sitting in one of the colorful attractions, look at each other Christian and Sibi I prefer to do the whole thing from the outside for the time being – and document the moment with the mobile phone. The couple seems totally exuberant and is obviously enjoying their offspring.

But then Joseph was still able to persuade his father to go on a roller coaster with him. The 6 year old and Christian sit on some snapshots together in a ride that looks like the flying elephant “Dumbo”. Not only Jospeh, but also the 47-year-old seemed to be having a lot of fun.

Christian Bale and his wife, 2021
Christian Bale at Disneyland, 2021
Christian Bale and his son Jospeh at Disneyland



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