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First impressions of the film should reassure fans

Uncharted gets a film adaptation and now there were first scenes for individual people to see. Uncharted gets a film adaptation and now there were first scenes for individual people to see.

The adventures of Nathan Drake, Sully, Chloe and Co. have been filmed for years. The filming of the Uncharted version has now been completed, but apart from a few set photos there was nothing to see. First people could see more now and the good and bad of the Uncharted series came to light.

Uncharted movie scenes shown behind closed doors

Companies like Sony Pictures, the production company behind the Uncharted film, keep creating videos for internal or marketing purposes that show upcoming releases. In a so-called sizzle reel, which was performed during the CinemaCon trade fair, a little Uncharted could now also be seen.

What was shown about the film became known via the sources present on the pages Screenrant and io9. Accordingly, several scenes could be seen within the summary.

What was there to see? In the first scene, Sully and Nathan, each played by Mark Wahlberg and Tom Holland, talk about their upcoming adventure. Sully is supposed to ask young Drake if he would like to go on an adventure that he usually only read about in books.

There was also a scene with Nathan near a pirate ship that looks similar to Uncharted 4. The whole thing was concluded with a sequence that should appeal to connoisseurs of the series. Because one of the big action sets will be an airplane from which not only all kinds of cargo but also the action hero himself falls. Fans will certainly feel reminded of Uncharted 3 here.

You can see already published scenes from the set here:

Uncharted film: 4 new set photos show connection to the games


more on the subject

Uncharted film: 4 new set photos show connection to the games

Generic Action? So the scenes reveal that they are clearly oriented towards the games, but maybe even too much. Because although there are the big action sets that fans expect, all of the reports seem more like a remix of the games than a new story. It remains to be seen whether the running time between the action sequences will be exciting. But it is certain that the imposing sets will find their way onto the screen.

When will the first trailer finally come?

It is very unlikely that the clip will be circulated on the internet. It is still uncertain when a first teaser or trailer will appear. Only the published pictures remain known as well as the confirmation that it is a prehistory to the first adventures of Nathan Drake.

The film is scheduled to open in cinemas on February 18, 2022 in less than six months. It would be possible for Sony to finally let the cat out of the bag today as part of gamescom: Opening Night Live. Although that seems very unlikely, it would certainly be a nice surprise for the waiting fans.

What do you hope for from the Uncharted movie?



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