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Britney Spears topless in the video – fans are concerned

Britney Spears poses in a red dress at an event.

Britney Spears in (here July 2019) is fighting against her father’s guardianship in court.

No verdict has yet been passed in court, while Britney Spears is already breaking free on Instagram and surprising her fans with her bare breasts.

Los Angeles. Currently, superstar Britney Spears (39) not only has to fight for independence, but also against the guardianship of her father Jamie. Apparently, the singer can’t be forbidden on social media.

After delighting her fans with a lot of bare skin on Instagram on Saturday (July 24th), she followed up with a breast video on Thursday (July 29th).

Britney Spears publishes bosom video despite trial

Dressed only in skimpy jeans, Britney stands in her garden and poses for the camera. She has put her hands tightly around her breasts and lets her head fall back.

Seven million times (as of July 30th) the video was clicked within a few hours and Britney can look forward to numerous comments. But not all fans are just enthusiastic about the recording. Some of her followers are also concerned about Britney.

  • “Something is wrong here”
  • “Britney, are you okay?”
  • “What’s happening?”
  • “You look beautiful, but that could jeopardize your process. Wait until you are really free before you do that ”

Britney Spears shares chest photo on Instagram

While her lawyer Mathew Rosengart announced the will to fight of “Team Britney” a few days ago, Britney Spears already showed with a photo that she will not be intimidated.

A special kind of liberation? After all, her father and judicially appointed guardian Jamie Spears (69) should find this content anything but terrific. For 13 years now he has controlled, censored and planned Britney’s life.

Britney Spears fights her father Jamie

In 2008 the singer had mentally collapsed due to professional and personal problems, now she is demanding that her guardianship be lifted in court. “My so-called support system hurt me very much! The guardianship destroyed my dreams, “wrote Britney a few days ago on Instagram. At the last hearing, she sharply attacked her father: “He loved” to exercise power over her, and she was treated like a slave under the guardianship.

Since the beginning of the legal proceedings there has been a real “Free Britney” movement in the USA, in which prominent colleagues such as Mariah Carey, Madonna, Courtney Love and Paris Hilton also participate. In the comments on Britney’s chest picture, there are many comments in which the terms “liberation”, “freedom” or “Britney frees herself” appear again and again. (smo, sj)

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