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Amber Heard on Johnny Depp: “I was afraid he would kill me”

Amber Heard
Johnny Depp is said to have threatened her with death several times

Amber Heard

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On the tenth day of the trial, Amber Heard spoke up on the witness stand for the first time and reiterated the allegations of violence against Johnny Depp.

The former actor couple Johnny Depp, 57, and Amber Heard, 34, are fighting the ugliest mud fight of an ex-couple in court in London. Even if Depp is not suing his ex-wife directly, but against the publisher of the tabloid “The Sun”. It concerns a 2018 article that alleged the actor was a “wife bully”. Depp denies this. On the tenth day of the trial, on Monday (July 20), Amber Heard himself sat on the witness stand for the first time. And she didn’t hold back with her allegations.

Amber Heard feared for her life

Once again, Amber Heard accuses her ex-husband of violence. She even feared for her life. The 34-year-old accused Depp of verbal and physical abuse. “Some incidents were so serious that I was afraid he would kill me, either on purpose or by losing control and going too far”, Heard described the situation in the marriage in court, according to the BBC.

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp

Does Johnny Depp have two faces?

The native Texan also stated that Depp has a “unique ability to use his charisma to convey a certain impression of reality” and “he is very good at manipulating people”. So he is said to have created a third person for all his actions, whom he could blame and whom he called “the monster”. He is said to have talked about it as if not he, but another person or personality was doing all these things.

The allegations are mounting

At the beginning of their relationship, Depp was “very loving, warm-hearted and charming”. She felt like she was “dating a king”. Heard’s testimony also states, “When Johnny pays his attention to you, with all its intensity and darkness, it’s unlike anything I’ve ever experienced.” With this darkness she seems to mean his threatening expression above all. He said, for example, that their relationship was “dead or alive” and “he told me that death was the only way out of the relationship”.

Johnny Depp is said to have developed a paranoid jealousy

In the course of their relationship, Johnny Depp has accused her of having affairs with almost every co-star. Among them were Eddie Redmayne, James Franco, Jim Sturgess, Kevin Costner, Liam Hemsworth, Billy-Bob Thornton, Channing Tatum and even their female colleague Kelli Garner. He even claimed that he had evidence when there couldn’t be any. Depp also accused her of having affairs with stars with whom she auditioned for roles, such as Leonardo DiCaprio, 45.

He is said to have used derogatory nicknames for his potential competitors. He is said to have called Leonardo DiCaprio the “pumpkin head” and Channing Tatum, 40, the “potato head”. From year to year his rules had become stricter when it came to nude scenes, for example, and he wanted to determine what she could and could not do in front of the camera. Heard also claims her ex-husband was obsessed with “the way I dressed”. She finally stopped wearing sexy dresses at events:

“It just wasn’t worth the verbal and psychological abuse.”

Amber Heard also accuses her ex-husband of “zero accountability”. Seldom does anyone say no to him. She tried, but it was not well received. The actress also stated that she thought she could “cure Johnny”. Until the end, she wished he could get better.

Draft prenuptial agreement came from her

An incident from 2015 was also raised on the witness stand. According to Heard, an argument broke out in a hotel room in Tokyo, during which “Johnny knelt on my back and hit me on the back of the head.” Among other things, it was about a marriage contract, which – according to Heard – Depp did not want, but which his sister Christi Dembrowski, 59, insisted on. The actress said she worked with a lawyer on a draft marriage contract that went to Depp’s team but was never signed. She was “never” interested in the money of the “Pirates of the Caribbean” star.


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