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Your TV tips for the TV program tonight on Tuesday, August 24th, 2021


Netzwelt has put together the TV tips for tonight’s TV program for you. This is how you can find the best of Tuesday’s television program.

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“The Chancellery” – 8:15 pm in the first

In the lawyer series “Die Kanzlei” on ARD, attorney Markus Gellert (Herbert Knaup) represents the brothel owner Beate Gassner (Nicole Marischka) today. In their establishment, a man died of a heroin overdose and two kilograms of the drug were found. Meanwhile, Isa van Brede (Sabine Postel) helps a watchmaker who is accused of fraud.

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“Daughter-in-law wanted” – 8:15 pm on RTL

The cult reality soap “Wanted: Daughter-in-Law” is running tonight on RTL. On the show, presenter Vera Int-Veen helps single men find their dream woman. Men have often been alone for a long time and long for someone to spend their lives with. However, their mothers also have a say, who sometimes have a completely different opinion than their sons.

“Daughter-in-law wanted” in the stream on TVNow

“Celebrity Big Brother” – 8:15 pm on Sat.1

“Promi Big Brother” on Sat.1 is pretty good again this evening. In this season, the participants are “off into space”, because that is this year’s motto. That means: Spaceship-like facilities and candidates that don’t always stay on the ground. Who can do all of the “Big Brother” tasks and stay longer in the house? The show is moderated by Jochen Schropp and Marlene Lufen.

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“Hot or Schrott – Die Allestester” – 8:15 pm at Vox

Tonight, Vox is showing four episodes of the documentary soap “Hot oder Schrott – Die Allestester”. Various Vox people are selected there and then receive unusual products that they should test very carefully. In the end, a judgment should be made about the product test: Is it really worth buying or does the product belong to the scrap category?

“Hot oder Schrott – Die Allestester” in the stream on TVNow

“Victoria the Young Queen” – 8:15 pm on Disney Channel

On the Disney Channel today you can experience the historical drama “Victoria, the Young Queen” at prime time, which takes place in the 1820s and shows the youth of Queen Victoria (Emily Blunt) of England. She grew up far away from the royal court in Kent, but was being prepared there for her future as head of state. Fortunately, her love affair with her cousin Albert (Rupert Friend), who will one day become her husband, brings ease.

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“The Last Face” – 8:15 pm on Sky Cinema Best Of

The drama “The Last Face” is running today on Sky Cinema Best Of and is about the development worker Wren Petersen (Charlize Theron) and the doctor Miguel Leon (Javier Bardem), both of whom are providing development aid in Liberia. The African country is torn from the war, but Wren and Miguel fall in love even in the middle of the rubble. Their love is overshadowed by the fact that they have different views on how the conflict in the country should be resolved.

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“The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf” on Netflix

Since yesterday, Netflix has been showing the anime film “The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf”, which is a spin-off of the well-known Witcher series. Unlike “The Witcher”, the film is not about Geralt von Rivia, but about his mentor Vesemir. Its prehistory is told and an insight into how he became the masterful sorcerer that he is as an old man.

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