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What the Hollywood star eats and how she trains

Jennifer Lawrence is one of the most successful Hollywood stars. The Oscar winner also slips into action roles in her films. Here your personal trainer reveals the work behind your dream body.

Not only Jennifer Lawrence is one of the top stars in Hollywood, but also her fitness trainer David Kingsbury. The native Brit trained with Jake Gyllenhaal, Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds, among others, and is known for getting the cinema body out of every star.

But how do screen heroes like Jennifer Lawrence get in shape?

The three principles for Hollywood fitness

who If you want to define your body and get it in shape, you inevitably have to deal with nutrition and training. According to a report by “Instyle”, star trainer David is building Kingsbury on the following factors.

Push the circulation

The heart rate is outdecisive how fast the fat burning is cranked. To keep this as high as possible, swears Kingsbury on a circuit training with super sets.

That means: successive exercises, mostly muscular opponents who are maltreated with short breaks in order to work up a sweat.

Those who train at high intensity should also enable active relaxation phases for their circulatory system. A tried and tested means for this are Cardio workouts.

Cardio kills Gains” – not necessarily. With lowIntensity-Units of fat can still be burned and the body can remove metabolic end products.

However, you should make sure that you train with 60 to 65 percent of the maximum heart rate. Light cycling and walking are ideal for this.


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Pay attention to the fats!

Who now thinks that on Paying attention to fats means that you eat as little of it as possible, which is wrong!

Because: The body needs essential fatty acids that it cannot produce itself. These help to maintain the hormonal balance. For good shape and muscle building, nothing is more important than a functioning hormonal system.

By consuming the right fats, even the body’s own fat can be broken down. Kingsbury recommends using foods such as avocados, fish and nuts.

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Timing carbohydrates correctly

Who is not ketogenic nourished, needs carbohydrates as a source of energy fors Training. To at the Workout To be able to go to your limits, these are essential. Especially on training days, the star trainer advises not to forego fuel for the muscles and before Workout Eating carbohydrates.

However, the dose makes the poison!

If you want to look good over the long term, you shouldn’t live with a long-term calorie surplus. Carbohydrates have the same many Calories like proteine, but are not absolutely necessary for the body. On training-free TIn general, the diet should be adjusted again in order to maintain the six-pack and not gain weight again.

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