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Tyga, Cardi B & others: 6 rappers who are currently shaving on OnlyFans

OnlyFans is currently the platform of the hour. Stars and private individuals show up there for a small monthly fee extremely Private. The platform is often used to publish pornographic material, but exclusive chats and streams with paying fans are also possible. In the meantime, many US rap stars have discovered OnlyFans for themselves and publish more or less disreputable material there – with a huge profit margin.


The rapper from California really shows everything on his OnlyFans account, true to the motto: “Make It Nasty”. Fans were shocked (and a little impressed) when Tyga actually posted a picture of his private parts recently. The rapper wants to publish uncensored versions of his already extremely revealing videos and behind-the-scenes material on OnlyFans. Always there: loads of half-naked and naked women celebrating with T-Raw. The whole thing can be admired for just $ 20 a month.

The “Taste” rapper is said to be one of the most subscribed celebrities on the platform with over 20 million paying followers.

Cardi B

Cardi B takes the name “OnlyFans” literally: Her account is dedicated to personal events and details from the life of the “WAP” rapper. For just under $ 5, Cardi-Stans have been able to find out about their private life for a few months, get questions answered and watch live streams and clips from their lives. There is no bare skin on her account, but fans were the first to know about the reasons for Bardi’s separation from Offset. Although these divorce plans could recently fall through the water:

Rolls Royce, poster campaign & party in Vegas: How Offset is fighting for Cardi B.

As is well known, nothing can stop true love, not even several scandals and rumors of an illegitimate child. After Cardi B filed for divorce from her husband Offset last month, the two now seem to be growing closer again. Together they celebrated the birthday of “Mrs.

Info in advance: If you are interested in Cardis Account, you should leave it at 5 dollars a month. For extra money, the New York rapper only gives a retweet at best.

Swae Lee

Similar to Cardi B, Swae Lee uses his OnlyFans account for self-promotion. Only fans get even less here see than with Cardi. Because what she makes up for with exclusive content from her life, the rapper from the duo Rae Sremmurd cannot compensate for. He only has advertisements for his songs and music videos. You can follow him for free, but the advertising is paid for per post. Fortunately, there is only one post from June about his single “Reality Check”.

After that there was nothing more from the artist from Atlanta – to really get started it probably needs a little more than song promo.


Blueface takes the whole thing to extremes and uses OnlyFans as a platform for a self-produced at-home reality show. The “Blue Girls Club” shows its 16 new roommates who have to fight and box against each other in revealing clothes. It is unclear whether they can also gain something and how long the women should live with the rapper. At the moment there are probably elimination rounds up to the finals, in which the last eight compete against each other.

On his Instagram account, he shows snippets and excerpts from the fights, which interested parties can watch for 25 dollars a month.

The participants are in their early to late 20s and sometimes post on their own OnlyFans accounts. Blueface seems to take the matter very seriously: In order to promote his new project, he has set up an extra YouTube and Instagram account and has already started to feed them with content.


The Brooklyn giant was one of the first rappers to jump on the OnlyFans hype train. Membership in his account now costs “only” $ 25. At the beginning, the price was set at $ 50 a month. However, many fans felt ripped off because the rapper did not provide exclusive content. When asked that he should show something for the money, he simply replied that he wanted to see more money.

According to a chart posted by the rapper, he was in the top 10 high-earning celebrities on OnlyFans. He allegedly earned almost a million dollars a month from the subscription models on offer.

Blac Chyna

The current Queen of OnlyFans is likely to be Blac Chyna. Tyga’s ex-girlfriend is reportedly making a whopping $ 17 million a month selling exclusive content.

You can even get a face-time call from the model for $ 950. In addition, foot fetishists in particular will get their money’s worth, as the 32-year-old publishes pictures and videos of her feet again and again. If you want to show off to your friends, you can use $ 250 to ensure that Blac Chyna leaves him a subscription on Instagram.

Hype about only fans: soon also in German rap?

As in some other aspects, the US hip-hop scene seems to be a little ahead of us when it comes to only fans. In this country, hardly any big rapper has an account on the social media platform for adult content. With the growing hype about OnlyFans and the creative content options, that could soon change.

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