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This new look is totally reminiscent of Ariana Grande


November 19, 2020 – 10:07 am clock

Katy Perry surprises with a new hairstyle

Katy Perry has proven time and again in recent years that she is a real style chameleon. A daughter’s new mom had black hair, red hair, blonde hair and short hair throughout her career. Now Katy surprises as a jury member for “American Idol” with a very long ponytail. And this one reminds us hard of another famous US singer.

Ariana Grande wants her signature look back, dear Katy!

The high, over-long ponytail that Katy presents in these photos is actually the trademark of superstar Ariana Grande (27).

The ponytail look also looks great on Katy. However, in her case it is likely to be a hairpiece, because little Daisy’s mom recently appeared on Instagram with shoulder-length blonde hair. And Katy doesn’t have much time to visit the hairdresser at the moment, because when she is not at the desk of “American Idol” everything at home revolves around Little Daisy. And it shouldn’t matter how mom wears her hair – the main thing is that she is there.

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