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The highest paid actors in 2021: Netflix awards top salaries

Netflix pays more

Five years ago, fees like Robert Pattinson’s three million US dollars for “The Batman” or Sandra Bullock’s 20 million for “The Lost City of D” would have been top fees, but streaming services like Netflix, Amazon, Hulu & Co. raised the sums significantly. While Dwayne Johnson topped the list in 2016 with a total of 64 million, actors will be offered more money for individual productions in 2021. According to “Variety”, the stars earn the most from streaming titles:

  • Daniel Craig raised $ 100 million for his role as Detective Blanc on Knives Out.
  • Dwayne Johnson also landed up to $ 50 million for his role in “Red One”.
  • A whopping 30 million US dollars went into Leonardo DiCaprio’s pocket for the Netflix original “Don’t Look Up”, while Jennifer Lawrence pocketed 25 million for it.
  • Julia Roberts is also rewarded with $ 25 million for her role in Netflix’s “Leave the World Behind”.
  • Ryan Gosling receives $ 20 million for his role in “The Gray Man” – no wonder with a film budget of 200 million.

This turnaround is mainly due to the lack of cinema income, which the actors usually earn the most from: unlike in the case of movies, the actors in streaming blockbusters are usually paid in advance – regardless of what the streaming numbers of the titles will look like later.



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