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Sofia Vergara wins over Nick Loeb: fertilized egg cells remain frozen

Sofia Vergara vs. Nick Loeb
The court decides: fertilized egg cells are not used

Sofia Vergara

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In court, Sofia Vergara and her ex-boyfriend Nick Loeb have been arguing for years over two frozen pre-embryos that were created during their relationship using in vitro fertilization. Now Loeb has failed again. But from the beginning.

Once upon a time there was great love between Sofia Vergara, 48, and Nick Loeb, 45. They were engaged and even wanted children. In 2013 they decided to have Sofia’s eggs fertilized with Loeb’s sperm. They wanted to fulfill their wish to have a baby at a later date with the help of a surrogate mother. But it didn’t get that far. In 2014, the couple separated – and became enemies. Because: Nick Loeb still wants to be a father.

Sofia Vergara and Nick Loeb fight over fertilized egg cells

Since 2015, the businessman has been fighting in court to ensure that the pre-embryos are used as planned and can develop into a fetus. Sofia Vergara, on the other hand, wants the embryos to stay frozen forever. She has an adult son named Manolo and has been married to fellow actor Joe Manganiello, 44, since November 2015. In previous interviews, she stated that children should emerge from love relationships. Bringing her into the world even though parents don’t get along with each other is selfish.

Nick Loeb sees it differently and first filed a lawsuit against Vergara in Los Angeles in 2015. The negotiation failed prematurely with no result towards the end of 2016. In the same year Loeb moved on to Louisiana. There, embryos are considered fully-fledged living beings very early on. The businessman filed the lawsuit on behalf of “Isabella” and “Emma”, the pre-embryos.

Vergara’s lawyer told Us Weekly at the time that Loeb’s plan was doomed to failure: the ex-couple had signed a contract before the in-vitro fertilization. It stated that the consent of both parties was required “in order to bring about a pregnancy.”

He was proved right: In August 2017, Nick Loeb’s lawsuit was dismissed on the grounds that none of the parties had a permanent connection with Louisiana and that the eggs had been fertilized in California. The judge emphasized that Loeb’s approach was a “heinous process”. The millionaire did not give up and appealed.

Nick Loeb fails again in court

Now, in January 2021, the next setback: an appeals court in Louisiana also ruled in favor of the “Modern Family” actress and dismissed Nick Loeb’s lawsuit. The pre-embryos may still not be inserted into a uterus without Sofia Vergara’s consent.

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