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Ryan Gosling now beats up Captain America in muscle warfare

Blockbuster Hollywood is all addicted to muscle madness. Bicep sizes like Dwayne Johnsons or Chris Hemsworth outdo each other in fitness preparation for future roles and even Brie Larson as Captain Marvel is now involved.

Chris Evans now shows the dark side of the vigorous exchange of blows: In the Netflix hit The Gray Man, he messes with Ryan Gosling – and this has severe consequences for the physical condition of the Captain America actor.

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Ryan Gosling vs. Captain America: muscle struggle leaves its mark

In The Gray Man, contract killer Court Gentry (Gosling) is chased around the globe by CIA agent Lloyd Hansen (Evans). Included The two blond boys of the heart apparently dent their muscular bodies very heartily, how Chris Evans on Instagram disclosed.

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“It’s like watching the leaves change color in autumn”, Evans is poetic at the sight of the bruises on his forearm. “Just condensed into a painful afternoon. Had a bit of a brawl with The Gray Man.”

Evans does not want to reveal exactly where the wounds come from. The bruise autumn romance on his arm suggests that it is literally a fight scene with Gosling acted. And even if it’s still very early to judge the Netflix hit, the obvious harshness of the action scenes gives hope for great things.

Avengers 4 creators set Captain America on Ryan Gosling in an expensive action blast

After all, the new film by Avengers 4 makers Joe and Anthony Russo shouldn’t just be a little spy movie. After all, Netflix has made a record budget available.

Don’t cry: Chris Evans has to let Ryan Gosling beat him up

And judging by Evans’ battle marks, the directing duo seems to be concentrating on old strengths again after the overloaded excess Cherry: Hard, stunt-supported action à la Captain America 2: The Return of the First Avenger or Tyler Rake – Extraction.

Until expected The Gray Man launch in 2022 At Netflix we have to be content with hoping for the time being – and Chris Evans’ bruises.

Are you looking forward to The Gray Man?



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