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Oscars 2021: The Academy Awards in a state of emergency

In addition, after a year with almost no red carpets, festivals and cinemas, an award like this can give some films another powerful boost. The cinemas could also benefit from this. And that is when they open again nationwide and Hollywood does not immediately deliver new goods because the studios always need a lead time for restart. Then a few not entirely new, but at least Oscar-winning films might be the salvation until the new James Bond finally starts.

Especially since the falling audience ratings at the Academy Awards have so far not had any effect on the advertising and radiance of an Oscar-winning film – on the contrary. Oscars are always good for business, no matter how many people look at them being awarded.

This is what almost all cinema owners say when you ask. Thomas Kuchenreuther, who runs the ABC and Leopold in Munich, even says: “The Oscars didn’t do as much as in recent years”. “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri” and “Parasite”, for example, only became a real hit at the box office after receiving their awards. This is because they would have almost been drowned out in the multitude of films that are becoming more and more unmanageable due to streaming services from year to year.

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And apart from the external circumstances, the field of nominees already shows that this is not the most prominent of all film years. But 2021 is not just an interesting film year anyway, but perhaps precisely because of that.

For a long time, the American Film Academy was sharply criticized for the fact that the films it nominated for the Oscars only represent a narrow segment of the art of cinema and never the broad spectrum. But this time a lot has happened. It seems to have paid off that the academy, with its now almost 10,000 voting members, has accepted many new members of different sex, age and origin.

The result can be clearly seen this year in the king’s category “Best Film” with its ten nominees. Certainly not all of these ten films are masterpieces. But this category has probably never been so mixed in terms of filmmakers, content, style and budget in the almost 100-year history of the Academy Awards.



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