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One of the best sci-fi blockbusters in the last 3 years

Ready Player One, Steven Spielberg’s last major film to date (Jurassic Park, Indian Jones), hit cinemas in 2018. You can watch his fantastic sci-fi vision recently on two of the largest streaming services: Netflix and Amazon Prime *. We explain to you why Ready Player One is so worthwhile.

3 reasons to stream Ready Player One on Netflix and Amazon Prime

Reason 1: The dynamic action of Ready Player pushes you into the sofa

Especially the race at the beginning of the film, which leads through the virtual online platform called OASIS, will take your breath away. Spielberg uses in the sequence every millimeter of the screen and gives us an authentic feel for the speed Race participants.

The VR theme of the film invites visual gimmicks, which the director is only too happy to accept: weightless dances, chaotic battles, dystopian cities: everything looks great in Ready Player One.

Reay Player One – Come With Me Trailer (English) HD


Reason 2: Steven Spielberg’s passion for science fiction worlds

Spielberg has mastered almost every genre, but he is particularly fond of science fiction. ET, War of the Worlds, Close Encounters of the Third Kind tell of contacts with extraterrestrials, Minority Report and AI design future scenarios. Ready Player One is his answer to the question of how virtual reality changes sensual experiences and the way people live together.

Ready Player One

Reason 3: The many Easter eggs in the sci-fi world

The science fiction film builds its plot on an adventurous search for three Easter eggs in the virtual world Oasis. Main character Wade (Tye Sheridan) rushes through the digital streets with the DeLorean from Back to the Future. This is one of the more obvious references to well-known films by probably well over 100 references. The highlight in the swirl of references is definitely a sequence that takes place entirely in one of the most terrifying horror films of all time.

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Did you get so excited about Ready Player One too?



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