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Nasty Accusations: What Are Amber Heard and Johnny Depp Fighting For?

The fight between Hollywood stars Amber Heard (34) and Johnny Depp (57) has been raging in a court in London since July 7th. It’s not about the couple’s divorce, the two met in 2011 while filming, married in 2015 and separated in 2016 ..

Johnny Depp had sued the publisher of the British tabloid “The Sun” over an article that claimed in 2018 that he had beaten Amber Heard, that he was a “woman beater” – in English “wife beater”. That is why the trial is taking place in London.

The hearings, where disgusting details down to the dirty bed linen were given, are over. The verdict should fall in a few weeks.

Observers think that in view of the terrible mud fight, both could only lose.

Others see the process as a battle of generations between the openly bi-sexual 34-year-old Amber Heart as a representative of the MeToo movement and the 57-year-old ex-pirate Johnny Depp, who is marked by alcohol and drug excesses, as a representative of old Hollywood.

Amber Heard thanks all her supporters around the world on Instagram.

“Wife beater” versus “notorious liar”

Amber Heard told the London High Court that Johnny Depp had beaten her, strangled her and threatened her with death several times. In addition, he manipulates his environment. Photos were shown of injuries sustained in the beatings.

Johnny Depp’s lawyers, on the other hand, described the actress as a “notorious liar”. The “Pirates of the Caribbean” star claimed Amber Heard threw a bottle at him and severed a piece of his finger in the process. Then he smeared the blood on a mirror.

In front of the court in London, Johnny Depp thanked the fans who had gathered there.

In written statements, Depp’s former partners Winona Ryder (48) and Vanessa Paradis (47) testified that he had never done them violence. Johnny Depp is known for his alcohol and drug problems, but the 57-year-old denies beating women.

The mud fight threatens to continue in the United States, as the “Pirate of the Caribbean” is suing his ex-wife over an article in the Washington Post in which Amber Heard also reported on the outbreaks of violence by Johnny Depp.

Meanwhile, the actress is posting photos that appear to show that she is trying to see life positively. Amber Heard enjoys the sun in London there.


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