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Is the series on stream there?

The HBO series “Mare of Easttown” with Kate Winslet has been making a name for itself since spring 2021. We’ll tell you if Netflix owns the rights to it.

Mare of Easttown Season 1 Poster

The miniseries “Mare of Easttown” is about the frustrated police officer Mare Sheehan (Kate Winslet), who investigates a missing girl in Easttown, Pennsylvania. For the policewoman Mare, however, the search for the murderer turns out to be difficult, because the residents of the small town are very reluctant to investigate and therefore not much help. After another murder case, Mare gets support from district detective Colin Zabel (Evan Peters). In her private life, too, the policewoman struggles with blows of fate that almost destroy her. We’ll tell you here whether you can watch the thrilling game of cat and mouse on Netflix.

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Is Mare of Easttown available on Netflix?

So far, a broadcast date on Netflix is ​​not planned. But even if “Mare of Easttown” is not currently listed in the Netflix catalog, you can find the American crime series from other providers since May 21, 2021. We’ll show you the alternatives below to stream the seven divider:

Will there be a second season of “Mare of Easttown”?

There is currently only one season of “Mare of Easttown” with seven episodes. Another season was not planned from the beginning, as the crime series should be limited in time. Brad Ingelsby, who came up with the idea for “Mare of Easttown”, and director Craig Zobel are devoting themselves to other projects. Though both Kate Winslet and Ingelsby could envision producing a second season. Channel HBO will probably not be averse to a sequel after the success of the first season. It is still uncertain whether and when further seasons will follow. So it will be interesting to see whether Mare will investigate other murders as a police officer in the future.

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