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#FreeBritney: Britney Spears, the incapacitated pop icon | BR KulturBühne

Britney Spears |  Image: picture-alliance / dpa

The fans fight for their star

A pop star who sees himself as a mere puppet. The video appearance in court was preceded by a fabulous rise and a blatant crash. Britney Spears was once considered the greatest pop star in the world. After her breakdown after breaking up with ex-husband Kevin Federline, the now 39-year-old was incapacitated. A financial trustee proposed by Britney has been involved since last November. She still has no access to her net worth, despite continuing to tour and making millions with her own show in Las Vegas from 2013 to 2017. Even private decisions, be it a spontaneous shopping tour or wanting to have children, can only be made with the agreement of her guardian and her advisors. She hardly sees her children. There has been resistance on the internet for years under the #FreeBritney. Now the situation seems to be escalating, because the fans are sure: Britney sends calls for help from isolation. But how did it happen?

“I just want my life back. It’s been 13 years and it’s enough.”

Britney Spears in her video message in court.

A life for the show

Britney Spears had her first dance lesson at the age of three. When she was five, she sang at the graduation ceremony of her kindergarten. When she was eight, she performed on Broadway in New York. At eleven, she jumped alongside Justin Timberlake, Christina Aguilera and Ryan Gosling through the TV show “Mickey Mouse Club”. And at 17 she stormed the charts with “… Baby One More Time” and became the object of desire for pubescent teens and perverted Epsteins with a schoolgirl fixation. “Ooops … I Did It Again”, the second album, just in time for the new millennium. 20 million albums sold worldwide. At 19 at the zenith. The biggest pop star in the world for her fans.

Britney Spears-Justin Timberlake-Christina Aguilera Best Moments @ The MMC |  Image: ThisIsTheMusicTV (via YouTube)

Britney Spears-Justin Timberlake-Christina Aguilera Best Moments @ The MMC

Whoever flies high falls low

Britney Spears’ career reads like someone pressed the fast-forward button on the remote control of her life and then threw away the batteries. As if someone had weighed down the accelerator pedal of success with a brick and then jumped out of the speeding car. Whoever released the first Greatest Hits album in 2004 at the age of 23 has not only skipped many rungs of the career ladder, but has also given up a hell of a lot.

And so she wore it, as pop despairers saw it coming, but they dearly want crashes, it threw the star out of the economic curve of life: In spring 2007, after the failure of the marriage with the dancer Kevin Federline, Britney Spears suffers one to date undigested collapse. She shaves her head, drives a car with her son Sean on her lap, and beats a paparazzo car with an umbrella. She is abusing drugs (really!). In the meantime, even instructs himself in withdrawal. The tabloid media exploited their breakdown to the last – bad news are good news. Even more than before, Britney is never alone, always followed and watched. It seems like this life that was enough for so many was too much for one alone.

The Tragic Life Story Of Britney Spears |  Image: TheTalko (via YouTube)

The Tragic Life Story Of Britney Spears

The incapacitation

In the background of the scandals, a bitter custody battle rages with ex-husband Kevin Federline over the two sons Sean and Jayden James. In October 2007, Britney loses custody, but is allowed to visit the children. When she and her children locked up in her property shortly afterwards, in January 2008, the situation escalated. After hours of being besieged by the police, Britney is taken out of the house and shortly thereafter admitted to a psychiatric ward. She was a “danger to yourself and others”. She loses the right to visit her children. Her father, Jamie Spears, sought his daughter’s temporary incapacitation in court. Only, there was nothing temporarily.

Britney Spears has been on trial again since 2020 to reclaim her independence. The year before, it had failed. For the 13 years since her admission, she initially lived under the guardianship of her father until he gave her up in autumn 2019 due to health problems. Since then, Britney’s confidante Jodi Pais Montgomery has been running the business.

Britney Spears does not have access to her accounts and personal assets of more than $ 80 million. The now 38-year-old also does not make private decisions alone. The exact circumstances of the guardianship are unclear, but it is often said on the net that Britney is not allowed to drive a car alone, that she is forbidden to have children with Sam Asghari, her new boyfriend, and that she is not even allowed to have a coffee in a coffee shop to fetch. It is the total control over an adult woman and mother who is locked up in a huge property. In interviews, she smiles skillfully through the crisis. But she calls for help on social media. At least that’s what their fans think.

#FreeBritney – Between worry …

The hashtag #FreeBritney was launched on Twitter ten years ago. But recently it has been more active than ever. This is probably due to the fact that the court proceedings are dragging on. But if you switch from Twitter to her TikTok account, there are other reasons: More than two million people follow Britney on the video portal. What you see there are dance clips, workout videos or funny dog ​​filter gimmicks that seem insignificant at first glance. But at second glance, a completely different picture emerges. Because all of these videos have one thing in common: Britney never leaves her property in them. Sometimes she is in the garden, sometimes in the gym, sometimes in the living room, sometimes on the terrace – but she is never outside in the city. Never on the beach. Never in a shop or restaurant. Yes, not even before Corona. Her fans are deeply concerned about this. In the social media, among other things, they start petitions against incapacitation.

#WeLoveYouBritney 🖤❤️

I am so proud of this fanbase. We are working really hard to get Britney’s freedom and that’s so great! We’ve reached 183k on the lawyer petition and 103k on the White House petition! It’s so great! Well done everyone! #FreeBritney 💘❤️

I am so proud of this fanbase.  We are working really hard to get Britney's freedom and that's so great!  We've reached 183k on the lawyer petition and 103k on the White House petition!  It's so great!  Well done everyone! #FreeBritney 💘❤️ |  Image: Meggylove3 (via Twitter)

… and “conspiracy theories”

But there is more: Many fans are absolutely convinced that Britney hides calls for help in her posts and that she is being forced by her close environment to keep up appearances. For example, in a workout clip on TikTok, you can see her personal trainer animating her to “smile”.

Your followers start asking them to hide secret characters in the clips. “If you need help, wear yellow in your next video,” comments the user “Blueshoulderpads”. Another writes: “If you need help, turn in the next video”. Lo and behold: In the next video, Britney wears a yellow top and turns once on her own axis. Critics of the incapacitation theory accuse the concerned fans of inventing things: The comments were only added after the videos appeared and Britney is considered the “CEO of Spinning Around” on TikTok anyway. Even before that, she didn’t do much other than turn in circles in front of the camera. The accusation that she was locked up against her will and that her father, mother and confidants only wanted a way to get their money was a conspiracy theory. It wasn’t until last July that her mother, Lynne Spears, filed an application to get control of her daughter’s finances.

An uncanny feeling

But no matter who is right, if you look at the posts on Britney’s profile, you can’t avoid a feeling of oppression. A post with the signature “My florist surprised me today with a colorful bouquet, I had to share”, shows Britney first with a colorful bouquet in the said yellow top, turning a pirouette to The Weeknd’s “Blinding Lights”. But then she stoically walks through the picture from left and right and smiles at the camera. Like a casting video. A picture as inexplicable as it is eerie.

In addition to the TikTok videos, worried fans also read between the lines on their Instagram and Twitter posts. In a July 9 Instagram post, Britney quoted Indian author Arundhati Roy. The lines come from her debut novel “The God of Little Things”, in which her fans read clear parallels to Britney’s own situation. Another hidden message? Many of Britney’s posts contain flowers, mostly roses. That’s why many fans send her the message: “Post flowers if you need help.”


This isn’t a coincidence anymore Britney Spears is sending messages for help. #freebritney

This isn't a coincidence anymore Britney Spears is sending messages for help.  #freebritney |  Image: touchofpisces (via Twitter)

“The god of small things leaves no traces in the sand …

… no waves in the water, no reflection in the mirror, “says Arundhati Roy. And:” Things can change in a single day. “Britney Spears is still fighting for her independence in court. On the other hand, she is Father who wants to prevent that, an absurd spectacle.

Even if nobody, apart from her closest confidants and doctors, knows about her health and psychological condition: Britney Spears is a grown woman. A mother of two sons whom she has hardly been allowed to see for almost 13 years. She was and is one of the greatest pop icons in the world, who has been filling the halls in Las Vegas for years. And she has been atone for a dark phase of her life for the last 13 years by being kept in complete immaturity. Regardless of whether the “conspiracy theories” about guardianship are correct or not: Everyone deserves to stand on their own two feet after such a long time. Even if she does a pirouette every now and then.

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