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Emily Blunt: Afraid of Singing Scenes

The 38-year-old takes on the iconic role of Julie Andrews in the new Disney sequel to the 1964 classic. However, the actress had to sing for some numbers. Blunt was initially reluctant to share her voice with the world. However, once she got along with Mary Poppin’s crystal clear British accent, she also became more confident in the vocal parts. In an interview on British TV show ‘This Morning’ she said: “Singing is more personal and intimate. It’s easier for me to sing than Mary Poppins because I sing in a different voice than my natural one, with a different accent and a different style. So it’s easier for me to take myself out. ” Blunt received a personal call from director Rob Marshall. The 58-year-old asked her if she would take on the role of Poppins. That phone call was an important moment for the British actress. She explained, “Do I remember it? It’s burned into my memories, it was a life-changing moment.” Marshall told The Hollywood Reporter that it felt like a marriage proposal when he offered Emily the role. “I think it was like a marriage proposal. I didn’t want it to be like that. I really thought that asking her if she would play the part was a big deal. So I wanted to do it in a ceremonial way When I said, ‘You know, it’s Mary Poppins, the character and the movie.’ There was definitely silence. But then I heard her inhale excitedly. I know of course that we were all scared and worried about following in the footsteps of such a brilliant first movie. But I know how fearless she is and I knew that she would say yes. At the end of the call it was a big yes. “

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