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Chris Pratt: His 7 best films

Guardians of the Galaxy 1 & 2 (2014, 2017)

Marvel’s announcement to make the “Guardians of the Galaxy” part of their larger-than-life universe caused plenty of frowns and skepticism at the time: The interstellar outsiders who are supposed to protect the galaxy were not all too well known – and they are a group around you galactic small crooks, a talking raccoon, a traumatized green alien, a vengeful warrior and a monosyllabic tree creature not to drive a track?

A clear answer: It is – and that is exactly the greatest strength of this space opera, the wonderfully disrespectful satire on “Star Wars” as well as a loving homage to friendship beyond all differences.

Both the first and (with some reservations) the second part of “Guardians of the Galaxy” celebrate madness in all its nuances and are the Marvel personification of (family-friendly) excess, loss of control and madness, with a lot of action, but more Heart and depth of character await. The center is Pratt alias Star-Lord alias Peter Jason Quill, who here elevates his trademark of the sympathetic hero to perfection and at the same time is allowed to radiate delicate eroticism. Undoubtedly his star role.

You can go straight to part 1 here!

You can go straight to part 2 here!



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